Pet Lover Stuff For The Office

Lately many of us have spent more time at home and with pets, that when we do head back into the office or are ready to decorate our home office, why not add a little pup or kitty love to the decor. Here are favorite picks for Pet Lover Stuff For The Office!

The following blog post features affiliate links to our favorite dog themed gifts and desk supplies for the office, inspired by our favorite dog loving office team. From small desk board signs to cute pens and from calendars to chalkboards. You can click on any of the links and it will take you to the affiliate site for more details. Purchases made from this site may bring us a small percentage of the sale at no additional cost to you. We appreciate your support and hope you enjoy these fun ideas.

Dog and Cat Lover Desk Signs

we are dog people we're dog people home office decor sign pet lover dog lover
Add a small board sign with a stack of books and a plant for a great look – We’re Dog People

Pet Themed Planters

Add a little green to you office space with a small planter and add an easy to care for real plant or something that looks very real – we love this Person and Pup Planter

Pet Themed Mouse Pads

Your mouse pad is a great way to add a fun piece of pet art, funny saying or picture that makes you smile – Chat Noir Mouse Pad

We are on our computers all day, why not drop a cute dog saying or picture under the mouse and smile as you get your work done.

Pet Chalk and Bulletin Boards

Add small pet themed touches to your home office decor to keep it stylish and fun to work in.

Choose a pet silhouette board, a simple framed board or an adhesive option that allows you flexibility and can easily be removed. Combine basic pieces and pet themed accents to create a cohesive look with a designer vibe.

Office Desk Accessories

Add simple pet touches to your office space to make it feel like you.

Pet Themed Office Supplies

Dog Butt Magnets – why do we have an obsession with dog butts?  It cannot be explained, but anything that makes us smile and laugh is a good thing right.  Well these magnets are so fun for the kitchen, filing cabinet or the office.  5 dog buts and one fire hydrant, what more could you ask for. 

Pet Themed File Folders and Organizers

Utilize coordinating folders and office supplies to accent pet themed accessories to balance your style.

Dog Themed Journals and Note Pads

Jot notes in style with these adorable dog themed notebooks and composition books. Classy in design they are a great choice for your to do list, daily notes or office meeting details.

Dog and Coffee Lover Gifts

Meeting at the coffee pot, grabbing a cup of coffee for a meeting or just sporting a cool coffee mug is a daily occurrence at the office. Finding just the right coffee mug to sport. Having a unique cup that no one else has is a badge of honor and a topic of discussion.

How about a bag of coffee that supports a great cause!

Artisan roasted coffee by Koffee Kult.  This whole bean option is called Road Dog and it smells and tastes amazing.  This Columbian grown coffee is award winning and of course has a great name.  We love this brand, their style and their coffee.  Add to a large dog bowl or bed, add a coffee mug, a few toys and you have a terrific pet lover gift.

Dog Thank You and Note Cards

A great way to spread a little pet love is to send a dog or cat themed note card to say thank you, as a reminder or just because. You can also pin up a few on your board for a little fun art in your office space.

Pet Calendars

office desk calendar
A perpetual dog calendar is a great idea for your desk and you can use it year after year.

Sometimes we want to know what time it is the ‘old-fashioned way’ or we need to jot down a reminder or note. Here are some fun pet themed calendars.

Vintage Desk Calendar

Tote Bags

A great tote bag that is perfect for carrying office supplies, doggy things and room for a laptop. We love this leather and canvas option that will not show dirty when tossed at the dog park.

Canvas and Leather Laptop or Pet Backpack – need handsfree, a backpack might be a better choice.  This is a great one for laptops and offer but also ideal for pets with room for a blanket, food, toys, poop bags and anything else you and your pet might needs.  A great, stylish look that will turn heads on a long walk, hike, picnic or weekend away with a 4 legged friend.  A great gift for Father’s Day, Christmas, Mother’s Day or just because.

Pet Themed Desk Chair

Cover your standard office chair with this fun dog themed chair cover and add a little style to your cubicle or office.

Here are more great gift ideas on our Pinterest Board – Pet ideas for Pet Lovers – follow us to see what we discover.  We also have some great apparel that says it all about how we feel about our pets – Pet Lover Apparel Board.

Choose a few pieces or create a fun space that is pet themed. Don’t be consumed with it all matching, add a few pieces and then coordinate with solid and simple prints that match your creative style.

We hope we inspired you and as always, we are wishing you lots of wet kisses and wagging tails!!!

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