Pet-Friendly Coffee Tables, Side Tables and Pet Table Crates

Finding the right side table, coffee table or table top for homes shared by pets and people can be a bit of a challenge, but we have found some great options that will stand up to nibbling pups, provide places to hide for furry friends or do just what they need to do without getting in the way. Consider the material, size and weight when making furniture choices. While we definitely encourage training, boundaries and rules against furniture abuse by our pets, we also live in the real world and want to share furniture options that will stand up to a little pup love, provide napping places and designer choices that fit your style.

Choose furniture with materials that will stand up to pet play. Metal legs are a great choice for coffee, side and bed-side tables, discouraging nibbles and bites more than wooden options.


How it works: Click on the images or links below to find out more about the products featured below.

Coffee & Accent Tables

Clever Pet Inspired Tables

Side Tables with Litter Box and Pet Bed Storage

Hide litter boxes and cat beds in living spaces with cleverly designed furniture that serves two purposes. Slip in a litter box, cushion or blanket for hiding, napping or pooping. Don’t forget to buy pet litter that masks odor and does not give your hiding spot away.

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