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Right Furniture Choices Make Life With Pets Easier!

Finding the right side table, coffee table or table top for homes shared by pets and people can be a bit of a challenge, but we have found some great options that will stand up to nibbling pups, provide places to hide for furry friends or do just what they need to do without getting in the way. Consider the material, size and weight when making furniture choices. While we definitely encourage training, boundaries and rules against furniture abuse by our pets, we also live in the real world and want to share furniture options that will stand up to a little pup love, provide napping places and designer choices that fit your style.



Pet-Friendly Coffee & Accent Tables

Finding a table that is more than willing to try and stand up to a pet’s love can be a bit of a challenge. Here are a few tips when choosing tables for spaces in your home or the office.

Pet Home Tip: Choose accent tables with metal, glass or hard woods. Metal legs are recommended for homes with pets who cannot help themselves.

  • Choose metal legs that will stand up to pet love
  • Metal, concrete, stone and glass are great choices for tops with wood coming in right behind.
  • When choosing wood, a rustic wood finish is a much better choice than a smooth, clean finish that will show off scratches and pet love a little more.

Pet Inspired Tables

Small places call for clever solutions and we are all about mixing home decor and pet spaces to create the right people and pet home. There is no need to compromise on design, style or quality when choose pet-friendly furniture and accessories.

Litter Box Tables

Designs are getting smarter, unique and designer approved when it comes to finding the right spot in small spaces, at the office or in pet-friendly rooms.

Hide litter boxes and cat beds in living spaces with cleverly designed furniture that serves two purposes. Slip in a litter box, cushion or blanket for hiding, napping or pooping. Don’t forget to buy pet litter that masks odor and does not give your hiding spot away.

Table Crates

Explore more shops and be inspired to create amazing pet spaces, enjoy pet-friendly furniture, or to find interior design inspired pet supplies.

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