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Add whimsical peel and stick pet wallpaper to bathroom, nursery or hallway to protect and even cover up wall damage. A great way to show off you pet loving vibe.

Pet Wallpaper

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How it works: Click the images or links below to find out more about our favorite pet themed hardware, DIY, decorating and cleaning supplies.

Tip: Cover or protect walls that have been loved by your pets with removable wallpaper. This great invention gives you an update look whether covered with adorable pups or a combination of pets & trendy designs.

Pet Vinyl Wall Clings

Pet Wall Hooks

Pet Cabinet & Drawer Hardware

Metal Furniture Corner Protectors

Pet Doorstops & Weights

Pet Door Knockers

Doggy Doors

Pet Potty Door Bell

Door & Furniture Protectors

Keep rugs in place to protect pet joints and reduce injuries.

Pet proof your home for their safety and yours. Add grips to throw rug corners, protect wood table corners and plastic guards to beautiful exterior doors. Don’t leave it to natural instincts, be prepared.

Pet Helpful Hardware

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