Pet Care Supplies & Repair – pet balms, creams and sunscreens

Choose quality, well made pet care products that soothe paws, repair noses and protect from the elements.

Pet Care Supplies & Repair products should not be purchased without research, review and then test on a small spot on your pet to ensure they do not have a reaction. There are plenty of options on the market. Look for quality ingredients, strong reviews and from a brand what is available to answer questions and help you care for your pet.


How It Works: Click on the image or link below to find out more about the products we featured.

Pet Paw & Nose Repair Soothers

Pet Lotion

Pet Sun Screen

Q. Can I use people sun screen on my dog?

A. NO! Dogs are allergic to zinc, a product often found in human sun screens. ONLY use a sun screen and lotion product created safely for pets.

Chafing, Wrinkle and Pet Care Cream

Choose the right care product for your dog and cat breed that keeps them healthy and happy.

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