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You Can Never Own Too Many Shoes!


Protecting precious paws is very important, especially when our pets spend time on the trails, ski slopes, rocky terrain, water, hot sand, etc. Choosing a great pet footwear like a pair of pet socks, boots and shoes shoes is a great idea. From hiking boots to sandals and from tennis shoes to non-slip socks for wooden floors.

When measuring you pets foot for shoes measure front to back and side to side while they are standing on them. Measure again when your pets foot is wet to make sure you get the smallest and largest measurements to help guide you in the right size choice. Here is a size cart from Canine Styles.

Dog Shoes

Lightweight, cloth dog shoes are great for hotter weather, walking on hot surfaces or just for fun. Pet footwear is all about style, design and a solution for protecting your pups paws.

Q. Should I Put Shoes On My Dog

A. You should consider shoes if your pup will spend a lot of time on hot surfaces, rugged terrain or extremely cold ground.

Dog Boots

Dog boots keep your dog’s paws warm and dry with boots for the cold, winter and rainy months. They also protect them from rugged terrain. Choose waterproof when spending time in cold, wet terrain. Choose lightweight cloth options when keeping warm inside is the goal.

Dog Socks

Dog socks are a great idea for dog homes that have slick surfaces, wooden floors or tile and dogs loose their footing. You can also use them when your pet is wearing socks for the same reasons people use them.

Protect paws indoors and out the right way!

Pet Sandals

Yes, they are a thing, no they are not practical, but what a fun idea for photos, halloween costume or to slip on when the pavement is really hot at the pool. They will turn heads that is for sure and your pup will thank you when the paws are safe for the burning pool deck.

Protective Pet Footwear

Help your injured pup heal quicker by protecting their precious paws. Choose a pair of soled shoes or wrap them with protective wraps.

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