Pet Beds For Top Home Decor Styles

You probably have a home decor style that you call yours, but what about your pet decor style? Does your pet bed match your style? Do your pet decor pieces have a style of their own? We thought it would be fun to explore pet beds for top decor styles and see if you can find the pet bed that matches you and your pets style!

Before we focus on style, it is important to find the right type of bed for your pet that provides them the support they need, the warmth they love or even the ability to tuck themselves away.

In this article we will explore our favorite home decor styles Farmhouse, Traditional, Transitional, Bohemian, Mid-Century Modern, Scandinavian, Vintage Shabby Chic, Modern, Industrial and Rustic. You may be all in with one style or like to mix things up a bit, but these categories will help you decide what you love and what is just not your style.

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Pet Beds For Top Home Decor Styles

The fabric you choose can change the design style to match your decor.

The HomeDIY website shares with us the top 10 home decor styles that are most popular these days. Today’s 10 Most Popular Decorating Styles Article by Brittany Smart is all about people spaces and this article focuses about pet spaces!

Farmhouse Home Decor Style

Farmhouse Style Home Decor can be described as simple, sensible and savvy. Pieces are functional, quality and practical. Is Farmhouse Home Decor going away? We don’t think so, it is more like a lifestyle, rather than just a decor style. For those who have ‘farmhouse’ in their blood, it will always be a part of your decorating style and will continually evolve. Beds for dogs and cats that fit Farmhouse style tend to have simple prints, quality fabric and easily blend into a number of design styles including rustic, industrial or shabby chic.

Black and White Toile Fabric Dog Bed features vintage French art generally a single color design printed on a white or ivory background. Many prints feature dogs, cats and other pets, you have to look closely at the scene to find fun little creatures.

Black and white Buffalo Check Dog Bed is a fun, bold design that is perfect for pet beds, hiding light and dark pet hair a bit better than some prints.

Ticking and Sherpa Pillow is reversible allowing you to flip the sherpa side when the weather is cooler and the ticking side for warm summer days.

Wooden Farmhouse Dog Bed is perfect when a single cushion does not fit your design aesthetic. The cushion can be a solid print or choose a check, ticking or a rustic print.

Stripe Pet Cushions are a great way to add a bit of simple design to pet rooms or corners.

Gingham Print Pet Cushions are a wonderful choice to add a subtle pop of color in a traditional, classic print.

Traditional Home Decor Style

Traditional Home Decor can best be described as a combination and evolution of European and American styles. The history of these design styles, combined with a more modern view, come together to create a classic and luxurious look with rich wood tones, elegant fabrics and magnificent accessories. This is a trend may feel very American, it has European roots. Once a very formal design style, it has become much more casual, but for some a more formal version will never go away. Today’s modern traditional homes feature a few fashionable touches such as an animal print rug, modern art pieces and tend to always show off trending colors. While featuring the trending colors, the current “in” metal finish and an abundance of accessories, the combination tends to always be very luxurious and more formal than most of the current popular design styles. Here are a few pet beds that will fit right in.

Animal Print Pet Beds never go out of style in a wide range of home decor, but fit the best is a traditional or eclectic space. A good animal print is the perfect way to hide a little pet hair too!

Buffalo Check Dog Bed in a smaller scale check that is upholstered on a white wooden base is a modern touch to a traditional space.

Buffalo check fabrics have made their way into everyday traditional home decor year round. This article by Trendy Home Hacks shows us how traditional Black and White Buffalo checks are these days. Fine wood finishes, classic fabrics and a pop of animal print or faux fur do the trick in a traditional home decor setting.

Faux Fur Pet Rugs are a perfect accent in any room in your home and add an updated touch to more traditional spaces, glam room decor or even in a modern, industrial space.

Pet Sofas inspired by people sofas are a wonderful choice for a pet corner or pet room that will make wonderful statement. Choose a print that fits your color scheme and even add a little pillow or two.

Stained Wood Pet Beds in a traditional wood tone that matches other pieces in your space or contrasts them is a great choice for a very traditional space.

Tailored Fabric Pet Beds in a traditional print, solid or simple print is a great way to add a pet bed that blends in or choose a print that is a focal point for the room.

Transitional Home Decor Style

Transitional Home Decor styling is one that might be better explained as “Your Style”. It is a combination of different design styles, things you like and and generally have a more relaxed feel. Often featuring neutral colors, which allow for a mix of different pieces that are tied together with a color pallet set the tone for this style. Think about adding unexpected pieces that just all feel right together. One must be careful with this design style that it does not become a mix match that is just too much for the eye to handle, so you design eye will be used to keep the look cohesive. Adding unique and fun pet beds into Transitional space if fun and can even be a conversation piece.

Crown Pet Beds and other whimsical icons are fun pet pieces to incorporate in a transitional space. Choose a color that blends or pops in the space.

Upholstered Fabric Dog Sofas are a fun touch and can be created in an unlimited number of prints or solids. Choosing a more modern style adds to the fun.

Choose a pop color in velvet, faux fur or cotton or pick a natural wood or neutral bed that will fit right in with your transitional style. The unexpected works with the Transitional style, while staying neutral will blend in and work well too. Transitional is a mix of styles, so your choice should be about a pop of color or blending with your other furniture styles.

Velvet Pet Cushions are perfect for cuddling at nap time and add a touch of luxury to pet corners and rooms. Choose from a variety of colors that fit your color palette.

Wood and Metal Dog Beds fit well into transitional spaces. Choose a metal accent that works with other metal accents in the space.

Faux Fur Pet Puffs in a neutral color or a pop color are a great choice for naps on a cold winter day. Choose a size larger than your pup or kitty needs to make a statement, they won’t mind a little extra space to stretch out.

Two-toned Fabric Pet Beds allow you to incorporate a few fun prints that work with your print palette or create a pet bed from left over upholstery fabric to really tie the space together. Here is a quick video if you want to make one yourself or ask your local fabric shop if they have someone who can make it for you.

Bohemian Home Decor Style

Boho Style Home decor is fun, funky and colorful. Just about anything goes for boho as long as it is not too traditional, simple and boring. Beds with unique prints, touches of metallic or even jewels (if the pup would not bit them off) would be great in Bohemian style spaces.

Bohemian Print Pet Beds in just about any print or style are ideal in boho spaces. They are also great for masking a bit of pet hair.

Pet Hammocks are a fun accent in a boho space for dogs or cats that like to sleep with a little air below them. Always keep a feather in place for a little extra fun when they wake up from a nap.

Whimsical feathers, pom pons and decorative prints are always a great touch. Fabric pet beds is a great choice for boho style decorating. With so many great looks, you are sure to find one that fits your color and style vibe.

Pet Tee Pees are all the rage and a great choice. Available in a wide range of colors and prints and some have great trims. You can buy a plain one and add your own touches to make it your own.

Elephant Print Pet Cushions in any color palette are a fun accent piece in an eclectic space.

Round Boho Pet Cushions in bright colors will never fail in a fun and wacky space where anything goes.

Wool Pet Caves are defiantly on trend and have such a modern, fresh look in a wide range of naturally dyed colors. They are perfect for little pets who like to crawl inside spaces for their naps or nighttime.

Mid-Century Modern Home Decor Style

Mid-Century Modern is a fun decorating style that brings to life art, prints and furniture style from the 1950’s and 1960’s. This style is filled with unique shapes, fun color combinations and simple lined furniture and decorative pieces. Pieces of mid-century modern can be found in transitional and modern decor. This popular style is fun to create and we were excited to find some great dog and cat beds that would fit right in.

This Two Story Mid-Century Cat Space is a fun piece for your cat corner. Two resting places that are ideal for homes with two kitties.

This Kitty Side Table needs to explanation. A place for kitty, coffee and even a good book. What a fun decor piece that will definitely start a conversation.

Stained Wooden Dog Beds in a vintage wood stain and vintage modern print are a wonderful choice for mid-century modern people or pet spaces.

Choosing clean lined, wood, metal and simple fabrics is a great choice for this design. While there are great prints out there you can also find or create pet cushions.

Mid-Century Raised Pet Beds are a perfect mini furniture piece to add to your space. Choose a cushion color that fits your color palette.

Metal and Wood Modern Pet Beds are a rad touch to a modern space. The curved feet are even more unique and set the tone for your pet space.

This Cushy Mid-Century Modern Pet Bed in a deep tone solid fabric is a great choice for a clean lined modern space.

Scandinavian Home Decor Style

This European Home Decor Style, resonates well in the US with home decor trends becoming simple, clean and functional. The Scandinavian style home has always focused on simple beauty, function and understand elegance. Often in neutral, white and light tones, this style offers a refreshing home decor style that offers an easy, simple living style.

White Faux Fur Puffs are our first choice for a northern European design style where the days and nights are very chilly and you cannot snuggle enough.

Grey and Sherpa Pet Caves offer a fun retreat for kitties and pups who like to hide away and snuggle on chilly nights and days.

Touches of white, off-white and grey with light wood tones are used often when decorating with Scandinavian style. Adding faux fur, sherpa and rustic modern grey and natural fabrics is a great choice for this style.

Long Faux Fur Pet Rugs are ideal in front of the fireplace, next to the bed or in a pet space for extra warmth. Choose a light tone for light haired pets or a deeper tone for dogs with black or dark brown fur.

This Grey and Leather Pet Cushion fits into a number of design styles, but we love the vintage leather and light grey in a neutral toned space.

Extra Soft Faux Fur Cushions can be very fun for pets who love to snuggle and don’t think their cushion is a friend to chew on.

Deep Grey and Sherpa Pet Caves have a fun modern feel, that is perfect for a Scandinavian vibe.

Vintage Shabby Chic Home Decor Style

This Vintage Home Decor Style can take on a few different looks from very Victorian, florals and rustic touches to white washed, simple prints and repainted furniture pieces. Color tends to be a focus for this design style, white white or light colored furniture. Finding a pet bed that has the look is fun or redo a more modern, traditional piece to look shabby with a little white paint and some sand paper.

Pink Faux Fur Pet Beds are a must when your decor is all about the pinks! The bigger the better in your pet space!

Calico Print Pet Beds are such a great choice for a vintage chic space. Choose a readymade pet bed like the one shown or search for the perfect fabric and cover your own bed. See the video above for a how to on making your own pet cushion.

Choose distressed metal, wood or a fun vintage floral print that matches your home decor color palette to create the perfect bed for your 4 legged friend.

This Country White Metal Dog Bed is a statement piece for a corner of your living room, bedroom or a dog space. Choose a solid or printed cushion that coordinates in the space. You can paint any metal dog bed with white or ivory paint to get the look.

White Wash Chic Pet Beds are simple to create if you cannot find one that suits your style, make your own. Here is a great tutorial on the best way to whitewash wood from

Picket Fence Pet Beds are another way to add a rustic, country feel to pet rooms and corners. Add a cushion that is more modern or really rustic to get the feel that works for your space.

French Country Metal Pet Beds work well in shabby chic, country and French decor spaces. Whitewash fancy metalwork to get the look.

Modern Home Decor Style

Modern Home Decor is a very strict, clean and simple home decor style. Contemporary is a modern home decor style with more variations and Minimalistic style is just that very minimal generally with modern furniture and accessories. These design styles may feel stark and cold to some, but to others it is a simple way of life that almost cleanses the mind and soul. Adding a pet to this home decor style, can bring a little tension, but there is no need. Choosing pet beds, storage and pet accessories that fit the style will keep the aesthetic of the style going strong.

White Pet Sofa in a modern design and white faux leather or smooth fabric is a great choice for a contemporary space. A great choice for light colored dogs. If you choose fabric find one that is washable or easy to wipe off.

Wood and Metal Pet Beds are a great choice for modern spaces. Choose a deeper wood stain and bright chrome, brass or copper metal. If you find a bed with the wrong metal color, but you love it, pick up a bottle of metal paint at your local craft store and paint the metal the right color. Choose a water-based paint and make sure it is not toxic. Not a great idea for pets who like to chew their beds.

Choose neutral colors, simple lines and modern style pieces for your pets and allow them to become part of your home decor style. These pieces become an accessory that matches your modern and simple style.

Brown Faux Leather Pet Sofas are an ideal choice for modern rooms. You might consider a fabric cushion that is washable and a bit more comfy.

Woven Pet Cave Bed that offers two resting places with a very modern, natural feel. Add a snuggle-cushion inside for warmth that is hidden from your decor vibe.

Wooden Cat Bunk Beds are a fun touch and conversation piece in a modern space that is inhabited by kitty paws. The raw wood is a great look, but you can stain or paint them to match your space.

Grey Wool Pet Caves add a soft touch to modern spaces. Available in a range of color you can choose from a neutral or a pop color.

Industrial Urban Home Decor Style

Urban homes today can be very modern in style, furniture and accessories or have an industrial, rustic or minimalistic aspect or a combination of all of these. This is a fun home decor style with great function, repurposed objects and industrial accents.

Grey and Leather Pet Cushions made their way into this post twice because with think they are such a great choice for so many home decor styles.

Casters, faux leather and warn wood and you have a great start and add touches of faux fur, found objects or repurposed pieces to create the look, along with modern, leather and rustic style fabrics.

Sleek Pet Beds are a great choice for modern, industrial spaces. Make sure the padding is enough for your pup or kitty to get comfortable. You can add a layer of cushion to soften things up.

Sherpa and Grey Pet Bed will give your pet a comfy, warm resting place when your decor choices may be a little more smooth and slick.

Western Faux Animal Print Pet Rugs offer a more modern approach to an industrial space by mixing in a bit of vintage, western or rustic pieces into a modern vibe.

Metal and Fabric Pet Beds allow you the sleek look of the metal and the soft cushion that your pet will love you for. Choose a fabric that is rugged, contemporary or something unexpected that is a show stopper in the space.

Natural Faux Fur Cushions in more natural tones will blend nicely into contemporary settings and add a bit of soft just where it is needed. Choose a larger cushion than is required to fill a corner or make a statement by the fireplace.

Rustic Cabin Home Decor Style

When it is time to travel to the cabin, lodge or lake house of course the dog or cat comes with us. We love to decorate this style with buffalo check, rugged fabrics and leather accents.

You cannot go wrong with any Cow Print Pet Bed in a rustic, cabin space. This is also a great choice when mixing industrial and rustic for a more relaxed vibe.

Lumberjack Print Pet Beds are a fun option for one or more pups. Choose prints that coordinate with the space and mixing and matching a few different prints for multiple pups is a fun idea.

Red and Sherpa Dog Cushions are a fun way to add even more warmth to an already warm space. They will love to snuggle against the soft sherpa fabric and it washes well.

Choosing natural finishes, rustic prints and soft sides to keep you pet comfy and looking good at the cabin, lodge or lake house. Choose a more urban cabin style with leather and buffalo check or more rustic wood depending on your home decor aesthetic.

Log Cabin Pet Beds are a wonderful touch in rustic spaces, especially when all the furniture in the room or space has the same vibe or make it a focal point when furniture choices are softer to make humans more comfortable. Just make sure the cushion is wonderful!

Faux Leather and Faux Fur in a tone on tone style is a great choice, we love this deep chocolate, but black on black would be great too. A great option for shedding pups, choose a color that matches their fur best.

A Rustic Raw Wood Log Dog Bed that is made from local logs is a fun choice or have one made to fit your pups size and shape. Add a comfy cushion that is ideal for snuggling.

There are many more design aesthetics that might better suit you, but this is a good way to get the design juices flowing. We hope we inspired you to create a pet space, corner or add pet accessories to spaces in your home that fit your vibe and blend into the space with style.

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