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Life Is Good When You Are Sleeping With Someone By Your Side

Add touches of pet themed accents to kid spaces, guest rooms and bedroom spaces. Crates for sleeping, bedding for snuggling and decor that reminds family and friends that there is pet love in the house.

Pet Themed Bedding | Waterproof Blankets | Pillows | Pet Themed Decor

Our Pet Bedroom Shop is your one stop shop for pet bedding, decor and furniture that is pet-friendly, pet loving and oh so cute.



Black & Red Dog Bedroom Decor

Bring together deep reds, black and grey to create a welcoming big dog themed bedroom. Add a unique dog bed to the space that sets the tone for who’s room it really is.

Greyhound Dog Bedroom Decor

For greyhound owners, animal lovers or those drawn to classic art, this collection of neutral pet bedroom decor and accents.

Dachshund Dog Bedroom Decor

Create a fun Weiner dog room by brining together black & white prints and accessories in different scales to create a great bedroom space.

Sweater Weather Dog Bedroom

Transition summer bedrooms into a comfy space with flannel sheets, cozy blankets and a sweater weather wall art.

Walk in the Rain Pet Bedroom Decor

Add bright dog & cat art and pillows to natural bedroom spaces to add color and smiles to your guest room or teen bedroom spaces.

Christmas Dog Bedroom Decor

Create adorable guest room or even your master into a Hallmark space with pet flannel sheets, adorable holiday dog art and even a puppy Santa on the side table.

Santa Dog Bedroom Decor

What about a red & white Santa bedroom with pups to keep and eye on things. Add washable blankets, rugs and dog toys to welcome the entire family to the space.

Puppy Dog Bedroom Decor

Create the perfect bedroom for dog loving kiddos with puppy sheets, stuffed animals and a great piece of art. Surround the pieces with classic comforters, blankets and art that will grow with your child.

Boho Cat Bedroom Decor

Add boho pieces of art, pillows and cat accessories to bedroom spaces to create a retro vibe for you and you kitty.

Bright Cat Girl’s Bedroom Decor

Lots of color comes together to create a fun room for little gals who love kitties. Add a felt pink cat room that welcomes your curios cat into the room.

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