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“People will stare. Make it worth their while.” —Harry Winston

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We are obsessed with adorable, functional and trendy pet attire and accessories for our 4 legged friends. Pets are wearing clothing, jackets, costumes and accessories for fun and function. Here are some great options for pet attire and costumes for families that spend time outside, enjoy cooler climates or need to stay dry in the rain.



Choose the right pet coat for very chilly weather, plenty of rain or sun protection.
LEAD dog cat pet people costume pair partner ideas
The right costume for the right event, see what we found.
Walking in the rain can be a chore, why not do so in style.
Add a bit of warm to your pet’s night sleep with jams for 4-legged pals.
Show off your pet’s fashion sense with a collar shirt, polo or dress shirt.
A great sweater never goes out of style, choose the right one for every occasion.
hunting dog jacket vest winter cold protect
Vests are the ideal pet attire for the hunt, campsite or dog park.
Safety first with these fashion forward pet protective floatation devices.
When your pet will be part of the bridal party, choose the perfect outfit.
dog pet saddle bag totes backpack camping walk hike hiking gift
Style your pup with an adorable backpack, saddlebag or harness

“Obviously, I can’t tell the future, but I think the more stuff that comes out from a dog influencer that’s taken seriously — the more and more levels of fashion we can kind of get through — the more fun this will become. For me, it’s all about seeing how far a dog can get within this world. Can I walk on the runway? Maybe, who knows? How far can we take this idea that a dog can do anything? Time will tell, but I think I can do it.” – Boobie Billie

 Ana Colón, All Your New Favorite Fashion Influencers Are Dogs, for Fashionista

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