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Dog and Cat Accessories

Welcome to our Pet Accessories Shop where you will find the latest fashion accessories for dogs, cats and four legged friends. From glasses to neckwear and from dog hiking boots to protective eyewear. While many of the pet accessories are just fun to buy, others are designed to protect our pet’s paws, eyes and body. The perfect collection of pet accessories to protect paws, keep furry necks warm and keep pets safe on long walks. Choose the right pet accessories for your dog or cat to make their lives better.



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Browse our complete selection of cool caps, happy hats and smart gear to protect pups from the top.

LEAD tote saddlebag tote bag camping hiking outdoor supplies back pack bag

Choose the right sack, backpack or saddlebags for your pup and let them carry a bit of the load, heads will turn.

LEAD pet accessories supplies glasses goggles eyes

Protect your pet’s eyes in style with the right glasses, goggles or eyewear that is sized to fit your pet and their needs.

dog cat pet leash collar shop leashes collars

You pet’s collar and leash are their jewelry, bling them out, keep it classic or go a little funky and show off their style.

LEAD dog cat pet footwear hiking camping river water snow skiing outdoors

Pet footwear is a fabulous accessory for hot days and cold nights to protect your pet when they are out and about.

Grab one for every holiday, season and just because. Never leave the house without this great accessory.

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Pet accessories area a key fashion statement these days and a lot of fun for pet photos, costumes or just a day at the park. Some of the accessories are functional from protecting your pet’s eyes and keeping them warm to trendy and stylish hats and leg warmers. Fashion or Function, we don’t care they are fun to look at and a great way to show off your pet’s style. Your dog cat or furry friend will be styling when they add a fun pet accessory to their attire. Here are some great pet accessories for fun, parties or even Halloween.