Outlander Party Ideas A

Pets are a big part of one of the hottest series on cable these days, Outlander. If you are a fan, you know and if you have not seen the show, it is worth a watch. Definitely not a kids show, this series will capture your imagination, take you to places unknown and make you think about what could be. Outlander fans are waiting for the 5th season to release on February 16, 2020 on Starz. So, why not plan an Outlander watch party.

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Outlander Attire

Most parties start with the food, but we want to start our party planning with the attire, what a fun request to have your guests dress in tartan, Outlander tee shirts or dress the part of Jamie, Claire or other fan favorites from the show. Here are a few fun ideas we found to help start the ideas flowing for you and your guests.

Note: Let you guests know if costumes are party of the party or if a fun tee shirt and comfy pants is the attire for the event, so they come ready to party in the right outfit!!!

Outlander Party Decor

When decorating for any party, start with gathering things you already have, to see what you can use and what you will need, to bring to life your party theme. For an Outlander theme look for old metal pieces, even if you don’t use them, they are great props, unique vintage drinking glasses and mugs, wooden cutting boards (the older and beat up the better), anything Tartan and vintage style glass and metal serving pieces. Here are a few items we found from our affiliates that will add the perfect touch.

Choose a combination of different vintage style drinking glasses, steins and goblets can be a lot of fun at your Outlander party. Serve a selection of wines, scotches and libations that your guests will enjoy drinking from unique drink ware. Check out your local thrift and antique shops to pick up random glasses and you can fill in with these great finds.

Outlander Plates and Serving Pieces

Choose random serving pieces in wicker, wood, metal and tartan to create an Outlander Food Buffet or set the table traditional style with food set in the middle. Either way, the combination of serving pieces will give you the Outlander Food Feel.

Note: Did you know all the food featured and eaten on the show is actually real food that is prepared for the show. This provides an authentic look into what people ate and how they cooked in Outlander times.

Outlander Party Games and Photo Booth

A great idea for any party is a photo booth. Find a fun backdrop or a simple wooden wall and gather fun props like this full size Jamie Fraser Stand Up, swords, tartan scarves, costume pieces, hats and let you guests have a ball dressing the part and having a little one on one Jamie Fraser time.

Gather fun props, even a dog in Tartan for great photo opportunities. We love this celtic ring that can be a great prop or hide it in the cake and like a Mardi Gras King Cake, create an Outlander Cake and whoever find the ring will have the best of luck until season 6 and they have to find the ring again. (Make sure the ring you use will not be damaged in the cooking process)

Outlander Games and Prizes

If your Outlander party is focused on watching the release, your activity is covered, but you can have fun trivia before and after and have some fun prizes stashed away like a 2020 Outlander Calendar, journal, books or bookmarks.

You can also revolve your Outlander Party around a Book Club approach and have guests read different books and ask them to talk about the book, have fun Trivia questions or fun facts we might not know. As a fun invitation, send a book to each guest or couple with the invitations details tucked inside.

Another fun book you can purchase or offer a free download to the winner of your fun and games.

The Making of Outlander The official guide to season one and 2 by Tara Bennett #clairejamie #outlander

No matter what type of Outlander Party you are planning, we hope our ideas inspire you to gather fun things, add a few special touches and have a great time.