Old Sea Dog Pet Room

We are inspired by the sand, sea and voyages with our favorite 4 legged companions. We were inspired to design a pet space that reminded us of the salty seas. While not all dog breeds are ideal for the boat, they will love to spend time in their Salty Sea Pet Space. In this article we will share some great pet products and also the dog breeds (cats too) we recommend for the boat and sea.

Great Danes are not bred to swim, but they like the water and many will wade rather than swim. They are a fun accessory on a boat and as long as their feet touch the ground they are happy.

We love to inspire pet people, share well designed products and encourage creating spaces that work for pets and people. Many of our mood boards and design inspiration are ideal for designing pet rooms, pet spaces, pet themed nurseries and other unique spaces in the home.

Old Sea Dog Pet Mood Board

Old Sea Dog is our feature themed and we have to say we are smitten with the subtle multi-color theme. We always begin our design projects with a focal point or inspiration piece and this fab Hot Dog wallpaper is where we began. A whimsical approach with a vintage air is a great choice for dog families. Ideal for covering the walls of an entry, mud room, laundry room or pet room, the walls will make you smile every time you walk in.

To get you in the mood while you shop here is the perfect song – Salty Dog Down

The Focal Point

This fabulous dog wallpaper was designed by Jane Churchill and is rightly named, Hot Dogs. Jane is a well-known UK interior designer that works with clients around the world. Her work is fresh, innovative and homey and that is depicted in the spaces she inspires and the products she designs.

dog colorful wall paper
Hot Dogs Wallpaper – Artwork by Jane Churchill – An array of beautiful multi-color dog artwork is situated on an ivory backdrop.

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For those who would rather be at sea, here are the best dog breeds for the boat, lake or spending time near the water.

Labrador Retrievers

yellow dog lab retriever Labrador puppy boat water swim webbed feet salty dog

Labs no only like to spend time on the boat, they love being in the water as well. It is not unusual for a Labrador to be seen on the bow of a boat keeping an eye out for the passengers and the sea life below. Labs have a double coat of fur that repels the water and helps to insulate them from the cold. Their tail and feet also make them ideal swimmers.


spaniel dog breed water swim boat vacation travel friend best fun enjoy lady walk rocks water sun

A number of Spaniel breeds are great in the water and on the boat. Not all Spaniels are created equally, with some having water repelent coats. They are easy to train and are ideal companions near the water. The Boykin Spaniel, Irish Water Spaniel and the American Water Spaniel are great options to bring into a boat and water loving family.

Portuguese Water Dog

Portuguese Water Dog boat swim pet tongue eyes black fur black nose

When water is your middle name like the Portuguese Water Dog, life in and near the water is a given. Porties, as they are nicknamed, can be seen both on the water and in the boat. They also enjoy helping out by retrieving nets and keeping an eye on things. They are properly named for their unique coat of fur that does not shed very much and repels water.


black dog water swim friendly smart eyes nose puppy

The Schipperke breed had a double coat that helps to keep them warm and repel water. They are easy to train and love life on the boat, making their way from the bow to the stern. They do shed so a good brushing once a week will help to reduce the shedding.


poodle schnoddle labradoodle goldendoodle poodle mixes  waves water beach sand sun sky blue vacation boat swim snoodle

Poodles have a long history in the water and their grooming style of puffy coat on their legs and chest was originally created to help keep them warm in the water and when retrieving ducks. They do not shed which makes them ideal in a boat and water setting. Poodles come in a number of sizes, giving you options for finding the right size for your boat. Many poodle mixed including Labradoodles, Schnoodles and Golden doodles love the water.

Miniature Schnauzer

schnauzer dog breed swim pool float water boat no shed smart friendly

Miniature Schnauzers enjoy life in and near the water. They are the ideal size, agile and good jumpers.. Their coat does not shed and dries quickly. You can groom them to suit the temperature and let the legs and chest fur grow a bit longer to help them stay warm in cooler water. Not all Schnauzers love to frolic in the water, but they enjoy life on the boat. Schnoodles are a mix of poodles and schnauzers, both water lover breeds.

Newfoundland Dog

large black dog water beach pool boat puppy

This large breed dog is fabulous in the water. They may be a bit big for smaller boat, but they are great for a larger boat, the lake house or at the beach. They are so comfortable around water they have been known to save humans in a dangerous situation.

Irish Setters

irish setter dog breed loves water retriever swim boat

Irish setters were bred to retrieve waterfowl and other game in and near the water. They are strong swimmers and ideal for boat, lake and beach life. They do shed quite a bit, so brushing often will help with shedding on the boat.

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever dog swim beach boat water

Bred to retrieve and swim, the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever is an excellent choice for the boat. They have a double coat that keeps them warm and repels water with ease. Unlike some dogs who are just good in water, the Duck Troller loves to swim and loves the water.


dog water stick whippet greyhound lake river water boat sea

Many Whippets and similar breeds love to play in the water, fetching sticks and balls tossed their way. They short coat is ideal in the water and allows for quick dry. They have less body fat, so some enjoy swimming more than others depending on their body shape. Similar breeds including Afghan Hounds, Greyhounds and Salukis enjoy the water, some may require a bit more grooming after a swim while other short hair options are no issue.


rocks water beach sea lake river trees dachshund Weiner dog

Dachshunds enjoy being in and around water. While it is difficult for some to make their way across difficult obstacles and turbulent waters, they often will give it a try. Introducing them to the water early will help them adjust to the water more quickly. Be cognizant of their short legs, as they do get tired easier than other breeds if they try and swim too much.

Yorkshire Terrier

yorkie yorkshire terrier leash rocks road beach vacation

Yorkies love to be anywhere you are and that includes on the boat. They soft, non-shed coat is ideal for quick dry, but may need a bit of extra grooming if they spend time in the water. They are the perfect size for just about any boat, but be careful what they are looked after closely so they do not get injured during outings. A life jacket is always recommended, but they are a must for this breed as they may not be able to navigate even the smallest of waves and turbulence in the water. Many terrier breeds are naturally good swimmers, do you homework to make sure your terrier breed of choice will enjoy your boat as much as you do.

Many breeds similar to those we have listed are also ideal choices for life on the water, but there are a number of breeds that not only are not ideal for the water, many cannot swim including Bulldogs, Pugs, Pekingese, Basset Hounds and Boxers.

cat dock boat water sky clouds flags tire sea cat

While dogs are most often found on board, cats love to be near the water and they are great companions on the boat. They help to keep critters away and enjoy sunning themselves. You won’t find too many salty cats swimming about, but they enjoy everything else.

If you can not be on the water as much as you desire, create a pet space that is Salty Sea inspired and enjoy a bit of sea every day.

Thanks for stopping by and we hope you and your companion make it to the sea soon!!!


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