Fabulous Dog House Floor Plans

We love a good dog house and we were so inspired by these professionally design dog house that we just had to share. We found 5 unique doghouses, dog spa and pup spaces that will inspire you to build space for your pup. The links will take you to floor plans and more details about each pup-stead.

Unique Dog House Floor Plans

The Design House – Dog House Floor Plan with Pool
  1. Craftsman Dog House Floor Plan with Pool Floor Plans – This magnificent, ranch-style cottage was designed to for all seasons. Begin your tour the spacious pup residence as your paws step onto a beautiful front porch that is ideal for lazy summer days. Enter into the canine residence through the front door and into the summer room, to cool off from the heat. The summer room overlooks the dog bone cooling pool and features an exterior window. Just behind the summer room is a winter room that is ideal for chilly weather and has plenty of room for cozy blankets and sherpa dog beds. The dog house exterior features deep tone wood siding, shingles and stone column bases. Look they made a human-house to match this great dog-house.
The House Designers – Victorian Doghouse Floor Plans

2. 2-story Victorian Play and Dog-House Floor Plans – This two story masterpiece features dual porches that welcome lazy summer days. Enter the lower-level dog house, through a simple doggy-door or take a brisk walk up the exterior staircase to reach the second floor porch, which features a detailed railing and victorian wood-work. This industrious design features a sturdy second floor doggy play space that welcomes pets and people. The exterior features an elegant details and two-tone painting choice to honor this vintage home style. Add shutters, exterior lights and Victorian accents to finish the look. Consider heated floors, interior and exterior lighting to create a space that can be enjoyed day and night.

Perspective – Free Dog House Floor Plans

3. Caribbean Dog House Floor Plans – This spacious dog house design is ideal to locate at the beach house, by the pool or in the backyard. The exterior features shutters that open and close, multiple doggy doors and a front porch to greet guests. Paint the home to match your people home or a color palette that suits the garden or backyard.

Lees Wood Projects – Dog House Floor Plans

4. Traditional Dog House Floor Plans – this classic style dog house is a great escape from the elements. The simple exterior design can be suited to match your home style with a coat of paint and matching roof shingles. The basic one room design gets the job done with a sturdy, welcoming structure.

5. Lowe’s Modern Dog House – our friends at www.bestpickist.com share this wonderfully modern dog house with house number included. A simple ramp will allow your pup to make it to the roof for a bit of sunning. Just below is a cozy space that is ideal for pups of all sizes. The link will take you to more woodworking ideas and instructions to build this contemporary style dog house.

DIY Dog Spa

Exterior Garage and Dog Space

6. Exterior Garage and Dog Space – add space for a car or two, but the most fabulous part of this floor plan is the dog space, which is ideal for creating a dog spa, boarding space or dog room. The space features a covered porch that is ideal for just hanging out. Enter into a wide open space that offers plenty of storage space, a grooming center, crate space and pet shower. The space if flexible to design your own needs and features a back door that we hope leads to the pool or backyard space to run.

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