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Create A Blue & White Dog Nursery – Designer Tips You Will Love

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Create A Blue & White Dog Nursery – Designer Tips You Will Love

A dog themed nursery is a great choice for pet loving families. There are so many terrific dog themed baby items, accessories and art. Simply choose your color scheme and a few pieces and your baby’s room will come together quickly. Home decor done right with this blue & white dog nursery. This modern themed nursery is a great choice that will grow with your little one as the room transitions into a toddler and littler person room.

We love the combination of blue and white and natural elements making it deal for a little dude, but a great neutral for a dog loving little gal. Many white pieces with a touch of blue or even a bit of pink will make it easy to update as you get to know the personality of your little.

The Crib – a white crib is a great choice for gals and guys. We love the simple lines of this classic style. Converts from crib to toddler, day bed and little person bed.

The Dog Sheets – blue and white sheets with sketched dog art and simple print mix and match patterns. Consider buying the crib sheets and the larger size to fit your convertible bed as it grows with your child to keep some things the same as the spaces around your child change.

The Dresser – white and wood nursery dresser adds a touch of modern with a minimalistic vibe. The vintage metal hardware adds a great touch. Choose a dresser that will work for your room as your child grows and one that fits your style.

The Dog Lamp – Frenchie base with chambray lamp shade that can easily be changed to match any color scheme. A nice choice that will light up the night for a feeding or sit next to the bed when it is time for a bed time story.

The Chair – over-sized stripes are a great choice for your nursery rocking chair. The great design is ideal to move to the bedroom or even a sitting room when you need to make room.

Dog Foot Stool – sit this cute stool to rest your feet or a fun chair for a reading corner. A great place to store small toy, secret hiding spot or a blanket for a cold night.

Dog Wall Hooks – antique metal finish wall hooks with various dogs lined right up. Use to hang little jackets, blankets or a banner. They are also great for hanging the dog leash and tote bags by the door or in the mud room.

Dog and Boy Art – Choose a piece of art that will grow with your child and will fit in as your child grows and the nursery becomes a room for a growing boy. We love this piece that is a great reminder of childhood memories of a boy and his dog.

Dog Bone Basket – What a fun basket that is well made, heavy duty and fits so well into a dog themed nursery, child’s room or play room. Gather booths, toys or even the dog’s toys to keep things organized. Slip 3-4 of them onto shelves add a bit more theme to your space.

Puppy Hugging Pillow – add a little French touch with this puppy hugging pillow that is so much fun for play time, snuggle time or a buddy to say goodnight to.

Bulldog Bookends – finish the look with a set of white bulldog bookends that will expand as the books in your child’s room expand. Here is one of our favorite books – Dogs! by Jeanne Blue

Watercolor dog book

Choose a collection of dog books perfect for babies to new little readers, keeping pups close by for bedtime story time.

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We love when we find handmade and unique pet themed decor. Check out these amazing crib mobiles.

Handmade Crib Mobiles:

This special modern handmade dog mobile is such a great choice. Made of wool and a very special gift for new dog loving parents. The mobile can be moved to a corner and be a part of your child’s space as they grow.

  • Artist – Ruta Patricija
  • Made in – Vilnius, Lithuania
  • Shop – Etsy
  • Flying Puppies Modern Mobile

This special handmade custom dog mobile is a great look for any dog themed nursery. Neutral tons with custom dog bones ready for your new little one’s cute name.

  • Artist – Courtney Barr
  • Made in – Royse City, Texas
  • Shop – Etsy
  • Puppy Dog Crib Mobile

This special handmade felt dog mobile is such a great choice. Made of wool in blue, green and neutral tones. A fun choice for puppy themed nurseries.

  • Artist – Sandy Rutgers
  • Made in – Camas, Washington
  • Shop – Etsy
  • Lil Dog Baby Mobile

This special handmade dog mobile is such a great choice. Made of wool in blue, green and neutral tones. A fun choice for puppy themed nurseries.

  • Artist – Antonina
  • Made in – Kyiv City, Ukraine
  • Shop – Etsy
  • Dog baby mobile

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