A Dalmatian Dog Party

A Dalmatian Dog Party works so well for pets and people. Black and White everything is an easy way to bring this party together. A great party idea for dog birthdays, baby showers, children’s parties or best of all a Dalmatian rescue party. If your parties are for people only or for pets and people, here are some great ideas to help you put together a fabulous party.

Pulling together a dog and people party is easier than one might think.

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Your party may be to celebrate a milestone for your Dalmatian, the welcoming of a new puppy or just a fun theme that your guests will love. If the guest of honor is a Dalmatian all the more fun to plan the them around your 4 legged pup.

dalmatian puppy photo

Don’t you just love those paws.  Well this little one is the inspiration for the party items we found for your next pet party. We love party planning and with a theme like Dalmatians finding party decor, paper supplies, party games and activities is so much fun. We love the ideas our team pulled together and they work well for any themed people and pet parties.

dalmatian party table cloth
Choosing Dalmatian Spots or Black and White decor will work well. This Dalmatian Table Cloth is a fun way to start your party decor.

Black and White Plates and Napkins

Mix and match black and white paper goods to create an eclectic and fun look. No need to pick up all matching items like we once did. Choose all black or white or mixed with different prints. Here are some fun options to choose from.

Black and White Paper Plates
Black and White Paper Napkins

Dalmatian and Black and White Party Supplies

Dalmatian Dog Cake and Cookie Ideas

You have your party supplies and decor ideas, now it is time to think about the food for the party from cakes and cookies for your dog guests to people food that everyone will enjoy. Using these baking tools will give your party an edge of cuteness.

Serving Dishes and Dog Bowls

Dog Dishes are a great decorative idea for dog parties to serve food for pets and people. Brand new dog bowls can be used to serve pet and people food on the food bar, setting a table or the pet eating area. Choosing coordinating bowls is a fun idea and sets the stage that this is a people and pet party.

Fun and Games

Now it is time for a little bit of fun. Planning fun games and activities will make for a great time with forever memories. Letting your guests know what the party is all about is always a good idea, especially when pets and people will be together. Here are some fun ideas and product that we hope will inspire your party plan. For a range of Cupcake and Cake Dog Recipes check out our Pinterest Board

Host A Pet and People Photo Booth

Choose props that your guests and their pups can use to take great photos. Create an all white background with paper, find a solid wall indoors or out or buy a photo backdrop that will help you style your space. Choosing props to stand by, props to wear and props to hold to give your guests plenty of options. These photo movements will capture the moment and be kept for a lifetime. Here are a few photo booth items we found.

Choosing a mixture of different items like this Large Stuffed Dalmatian Dog, Child/Large Dog Size Dalmatian Costume, Inflatable dogs, photo booth props and fun hats. You can also make signs, blow up balloons and other themed props. Take photos of each guest and share them on social media and print one to send with your thank you cards.

black and white photo backdrop.

Choose a printed, white or simple back drop like this black and white stripe backdrop for your photo space. The fun black and white items and your guests will stand out.

Hang up a Piñata

Piñatas are great for kids parties, but why not a pet and people party. Fill with dog treats, small balls to toss or useful rolls of poo bags. Your guests will have a ball getting to the goodies and you can give them bags to collect the goodies. If treats are flying you will have some help picking them up we are sure. This Dalmatian Dog Piñata is a perfect choice for a Dalmatian or dog party them. You can of course fill with candy and people things too.

Make Custom Invitations

Once the theme is chosen, the activities are decided and the location and time are final, you can make your guest list and find or design your invitations. Today it is easier than ever to order custom invites or if you are creative, make them yourself so they are very special. Here are a few ideas to inspire your invitations.

Blank Dalmatian Cards make great invitations, thank you cards or a door prize for the winner of games you are playing. You can buy a stamp or print off the details and add them inside or you can hand write them if you are only inviting a few guests. This card is so cute your guests may want to keep and frame them.

DIY Dalmatian Dog Invitations – you can buy them of course through an online invite company, order them custom through Etsy or a local maker or you can make your own.  Don’t worry, they don’t have to be perfect, just fun and something the kids can help with.  Start with white paper and print or draw Dalmatian spots on them and either write or print the party details.  Add black dog ears and slip them into an envelope and mail away.  5×7 is a good size to but the invite and there are lots of envelopes in that size (A7).  Here are more Dog Invite Ideas to inspire you. 

custom dalmatian dog invitations for dog and people parties
Here are some great simple downloadable Black and White Dog Themed Party Invitations that can be customized for your party plan.  The are available through 1971MainStreet On Etsy.
Dog Party Treat Bags

Treat bags are always a nice touch at the end of the party and these kraft paper bags with black and white paw stickers is a great way to send your guests off. Fill them with dog treats, dalmatian dog car or handmade dog cookies. A simple thanks for coming is always fun. If you have the ability to print off your photo booth photos you can add them as well.

So if you are thinking about hosting a Dalmatian party, dog party or dog themed party, we hope these ideas will inspire you. You can choose the dog breed of your choice and there are many great products to help you pull it off. Stay tuned for more pet and people party ideas, any excuse for a party we always way. For more Dalmatian Party Ideas and for more Pet and People Party Ideas.

Wishing you wet kisses!!!

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