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Nothing Beats Camping, Except Camping With Your Dog!

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Preparation is essential for any outdoor adventure and when you add a pup to the mix, you list gets a little longer. Having the right supplies will make a big difference in everyone’s overall enjoyment and experience. When planning your trip, keep in mind that the time of year you will be camping and the planned activities.


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Choose a tent for you and your pup, one for you and one for your pup or for the entire family. Choose one large space or a tent with compartments. While most camping trips with pets include a dog, you can decide if your cat is the rugged type and change the word dog for cat and make your choices.

Pet Tents

Family Tents

Overland Rooftop Tents

When camping with pets, choose a roof top tent with an lower annex to make it easier for pets to find a place to cozy up. You can also opt for a truck bed option that makes for easy in and out for both you and your pup.

Pet Camping Supplies

Now that you have your tent picked out, you are ready to select everything you need to be prepared when camping with your pet. Shop each department by clicking on the images below to see what we found. Below you will find a checklist of supplies we recommend when camping, RV or outdoor vacations with pets.

camping outdoor bedding sleeping bag travel gift dog pet cat
Find the perfect pet bedding for the tent, camper or under the stars.
Everything you need to water and feed your pet while enjoying the outdoors.
pet luggage shop suitcase backpacks slings travel outdoor rv
Pet travel solutions from pint sized duffle bags to human pet backpacks.
dog pet saddle bag totes backpack camping walk hike hiking gift
Pet-sized backpacks, saddlebags and totes that are ideal for the hiking trail, walk along the river or a day at the park.
A complete selection of pet supplies for a trip in the car, truck or RV.
dog cat pet camping road trip first aid supplies kit gift sets
Be prepared for pet care, repair and prevention at the campsite or RV.
dog cat pet footwear hiking camping river water snow skiing outdoors
Whether heading to the mountains, river or rocks, be prepared with the right pet footwear for your camping trip.
dog cat pet raincoat jacket vest boat walk attire gift ideas
Choose the right raincoat for your pet and stash with your camping gear to make sure they are never caught in the rain.
pet dog coats cat jacket slicker windbreaker
For cold weather camping, choose the perfect winter coat, snowsuit or cold weather attire for your pet.
dog cat pet puppy bike store shop cycling basket wicker carriers trailers
Plan ahead if biking while you camp with pet-friendly cycling supplies. From pet bike baskets and carts to pet eye protection and attire.
what are the best supplies for dogs pets water sports kayaks boat water lake river
Plan ahead if water sports are planned for pets and humans while camping. Floatation devices, pet sunscreen and even a few toys.
pet walk shop store supplies leash collar camping hiking backpacking travel
Keep spare pet collars, leashes and dog walking supplies with your camping gear or in the RV and never get caught without a plan.
travel and time outdoors with dogs

Travel Wise and Enjoy Time Outdoors With Pets

  1. Stay Hydrated 
  2. Pet Food On Schedule 
  3. Protection from the Elements
  4. Outdoor Sleeping and Bedding
  5. Travel Car Seats
  6. Animal First Aid and Media Kits
  7. Outdoor Pet Play Things
  8. Leashes, ID’s and Collars
  9. Pet Poops and Scoops for the road

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