Cabin Life With Pets – Where life is simple, fires burn, and a warm blanket is all you need.

The fire is crackling, boots are drying after a day on the snowy trails and there is a perfectly content pup is curled up on the rug napping. Life at the cabin lets us step back to a time when the simplest things. A time when the simplest of things are the most important. For many it is not a vacation in the mountains, winter hikes or playing in the snow, it is more a way of life.

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What is the definition of cabin life?

Some may define cabin life as red and black buffalo check, log furniture and sherpa lined boots, while other envision skis lined up, snow topped trees as far as they eye can see and stack of blankets ready when you return. No matter how you define cabin life, you know how it makes you feel. We can get that same feeling at home or at the cabin when we surround ourselves with the things we love.

We challenged our cabin loving team members to share their favorite cabin life tips, decor pieces and pet supplies. Here are 10 tips for cabin life with pets:

Tip 1 – Choose the right pet bed for the cabin

When you move a met from their home a cabin, their way of napping and sleeping changes. If they sleep on the bed with you, don’t forget to pack their favorite bedding, but if they enjoy relaxing on the floor by, sleep in a bed or are only comfortable in their crate, it is important to accommodate them. It is fun however to choose a fun bed that fits the cabin’s decor. Just make sure to choose the right cushion or pet bed type to make your pet feel comfortable away from home.

Cabin Life Pet Beds

Tip 2 – Travel with your pet’s blanket or have one waiting for them

Pets and people all need their blankets and at the cabin, ski resort, condo or lodge they are a must. We love the idea of having a stack of matching blankets, assorted handmade quilts or solid fluffy blankets in abundance so there is no fighting for a blanket around the fire, television or game table. When it comes to our pets, they get chilly just like we do and love their blankets, so don’t forget a stack of blankets for your pet and any visiting pets. Wrapping a blanket to put under the tree for each member of your family is a great way to get matching blankets and you can monogram them so each member of the family knows which one is theirs.

Washable Lodge Pet Blankets

Tip 3 – Don’t forget to pack the right pet clothes

These are great ideas for time spent on the mountain or at the lake, but also a fun idea for photos you can blow up and add to your home decor in color or black and white. Your dog’s fashion can be a part of your home decor by hanging or displaying some of these fun pet friendly winter dog coats, scarves, hats and boots.

Dog Jackets and Sweaters for the Cold Weather

Tip 4 – Dress your pet in visible accessories for long walks in the woods, fishing or when hunting

Tip 5 – Hydration is just as important for pets as people

Choosing the right pet bowl that not only fits your style, but your pet’s needs are critical. Choose an elevated bowl for pets with back issues or older pets; Choose a larger opening for cats with sensitive whiskers or if you have multiple pets an option you can mix and match or personalize.

Tip 6 – Pack pet entertainment

Your pet is in a new setting unless you travel to your cabin often, avoid bored or nervous pet behavior with brand new entertainment.

Tip 7 – Pack a few leashes and make one waterproof

Tip 8 – Toss in a pet first aid kit

Tip 9 – Keep paws and noses moist after snow and cold exposure

Tip 10 – Smarten up with a smart collar that lets you track your pet with GPS technology for peach of mind.

So next time you plan for winter months at home, time away at the cabin or a hike in the snow, we hope you have everything you need to care for the 4-legged friend that is by your side.

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