Cabin Decor For the Pet Family

Is Cabin Decor the right choice for your Pet Family? Do you just love red and black buffalo check, rustic furniture and cabin decor? If the answer is yet, Cabin Decor For the Pet Family is your vibe. When decorating your cabin, lodge, ski condo or home with an rustic feel, you can add pet friendly furniture, pet accessories and decor, to make it a perfect place for pets and people.

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log cabin wall hanging art or throw rug with buffalo red and black check vintage truck dog
This art from Plow and Hearth can be used, as a wall hanging or throw rug by the fireplace. A great touch with Christmas decor or year round “All You Need Is Love and A Dog”

What exactly is cabin style home decor? To create a cabin home decor style you will be mixing rustic antiques, vintage accents, leather, woodsy accessories, a touch of buffalo check and possibly an antler or deer head. If you are decorating a place at the lake; add water decor, boat accessories and fishing accents and if you are in the mountains; a bit of ski, skating or hiking decor. There are so many directions you can go, but in the end they all have a similar relaxed feel.

cabin lodge lake house home decor mood board design style home decor ideas

Cabin Style Pet Products

There are a lot of unique pet accessories that fit into this style. The more rustic the better and you can swap out the cushions and blankets to fit your design vision. Keep in mind when making your choices that the products work for your pet’s size, shape, sleeping and eating needs.

Rugged and Rustic Style Pet Beds

Cabin style pet beds that work for cats or dogs are so much fun to add to our decor. If you have the DIY bug, consider making a few items with sticks, wood and found pieces from the land around you. Your pet may be terrific with a wood sided bed or much better with a soft sided option, you decide. Here are a few options we found that both would be ideal in your rustic setting.

Woodland Rustic Dog Bed made of bark covered wooden pieces and filled with woodsy cushion.

This Rustic Dog Bed has a unique handmade style with bark exposed wood pieces and a simple cabin style cushion. Place by the fire, in the bedroom or main room. If the pet cushion does not work for your color scheme, you can make or buy a pillow cover that fits your style, be sure to use washable fabric.

A great soft sided Brown Faux Fur Dog Bed accent for cabins, lodges and even man cave’s to add a touch of rugged elegance. Elevate your pup or kitty off the cold floor with the bean bag style pet bed that you will make you want to crawl in with them for a winter nap.

Brown Leather dog cat sofa with cushion Man Cave, Modern, Rustic, Cabin Industrial home decor style pet home

Sophisticated Leather Dog Sofa that comes in 3 sizes and is recommended for pets up to 65 pounds. This luxury option for your pet is ideal with a more modern, upscale cabin style.

rustic country cat bed cube house sherpa cold weather cat bed

Do you take the cat the the cabin, lodge or ski resort? More and more pets are traveling with us when we go on vacation and cats are no exception. This very cool, rustic cat cube is lined with sherpa to make sure your kitty is warm and toasty during the colder weather months at home or on the road.

Pet and People Blankets

Pets and people all need their blankets and at the cabin, ski resort, condo or lodge they are a must. We love the idea of having a stack of matching blankets, assorted handmade quilts or solid fluffy blankets in abundance so there is no fighting for a blanket around the fire, television or game table. When it comes to our pets, they get chilly just like we do and love their blankets, so don’t forget a stack of blankets for your pet and any visiting pets. Wrapping a blanket to put under the tree for each member of your family is a great way to get matching blankets and you can monogram them so each member of the family knows which one is theirs.

Buffalo Red and Black Check Dog and People Cabin Rustic Blanket

Red and Black Buffalo Check Blanket lined with sherpa is a great blanket choice for your pets. The look is great, bright colors and the sherpa adds extra warmth. If you are accenting your home decor with red and black buffalo check, this allows you to keep the theme going with your pet blankets.

cabin lodge deer rustic pet people blanket

If you style is a bit more rugged, we love this outdoors themed blanket in red, ivory and black. This check log cabin style pet and people blanket will work for pets and people. It also looks great combined with red and black buffalo checks.

rustic cabin plush blanket sherpa lined ideal for pets and people for the lodge cabin lake house rustic cabin style home decor

If your cabin style takes you in a little different direction, this Luxury Solid and Sherpa Blanket is a great choice. Available in 20 plus colors and prints, you will find the right one for your neutral or colorful rustic cabin style. Select a stack of one color or mix the colors that match you scheme.

Dog Jackets and Sweaters for the Cold Weather

These are great ideas for time spent on the mountain or at the lake, but also a fun idea for photos you can blow up and add to your home decor in color or black and white. Your dog’s fashion can be a part of your home decor by hanging or displaying some of these fun pet friendly winter dog coats, scarves, hats and boots.

Rustic Pet Bowls, Food and Treat Storage and Food Mats

Choosing the right pet bowl that not only fits your style, but your pet’s needs are critical. Choose an elevated bowl for pets with back issues or older pets; Choose a larger opening for cats with sensitive whiskers or if you have multiple pets an option you can mix and match or personalize.

These ceramic Pet Food and Water bowls have a great rustic wood print on the side and have a touch of a Farmhouse, cabin look that work great in a rustic setting. If you have more than one pet you can grab more food than water bowls and they can share the water.

Pet Food and Treat Storage

Home made or store bought when you get to the mountain, lake or resort and fill up these cool rustic containers with pet food, treats and biscuits and have them ready to go when you return from a run, finish up a snow mobile ride or a hike with your four legged friend.

Red and White Enamel canisters are a great choice for assorted pet homemade or store bought food, treats, biscuits and snacks. You can label each or pop the lid to see what each holds. Here is a great step by step to show you how to personalize or label your canisters in a fun DIY way. DIY Customized Enamel by Oleander + Palm

Pet Food Trays and Mats
Rustic Cabin Pet Toys

Fill a basket, rustic box or tub with rustic style dog and cat toys that not only look great they are something fun for our four legged buddy to find.

A collection of rustic leather, felt, fur and canvas toys featured in a basket, tub or bin looks great and let’s you pet have new toys to play with then you head to the lake, mountain or farm. Choose the best options for your pet from leather to fur or from rubber to canvas.

Rustic Pet Toy and Accessories Storage Bins

Choosing storage bins and baskets that match your decor is always a good idea for both pet and people items. The more you stay organized and can find what you need to more enjoyable life is with pets and people. Here are some fun cabin, rustic style storage containers you might like.

Cabin and Pet Home Decor Accessories

Here are a few great accessories for the Rustic Cabin Home Decor Pet Family decor accessories with a cabin, camping, rustic style for pet lovers. Adding a welcome mat, piece of art or accessory that is pet themed shares your love of animals with your guests.

Dog Rustic Door Mats and Throw Rugs

Cabin Pet Themed Art

Choosing art for your Cabin Home Decor For Pet and People Family can be a lot of fun. There are a lot of great pieces of art out there that can be ordered in a wide range of sizes to fit your space. Consider an outdoor themed gallery wall with a few purchased pieces of art, pet photos, family photos and local works of art or handmade items.

Rustic Leashes and Holders

When looking for Cabin Decor For Pet Family think about simple touches like leash and coat racks, your leash choices and even the tote bag you carry and hang for dog walks. This rustic metal leash and coat rack is a great option for the lodge to hold jackets, bags, leashes, caps and more.

Creating Cabin Decor For Pet Family that are pet-friendly, eye appealing and functional can be a bit of a challenge, but one easily overcome. Choose home decor pieces you are drawn to, art that makes your heart jump and pet accessories that fit with your style. Decorating people spaces if a lot of fun and it gets more exciting when you keep the dog or cat in mind.

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