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Ok, so we all say no pets on the furniture, but come on, we know the truth! So, why not choose furniture that matches your home decor style and is pet friendly, at the same time.  There are so many choices for pet-friendly home decor designers love and you will too. Here are some ideas to consider when buying  new furniture, accessories or even flooring for pet and people homes.  

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The Wild Love Tails Team search for brands, experts and products from around the world to find the best solutions, options and inspiration for pets and people and help them live in harmony.  We searched our affiliate site, blogs and online friends, for the best advice and options, when it comes to buying new furniture and home decor that fit into a pet and people home.  Some of the links belong may contain affiliate links that will provide you information about the products we recommend. All products are the sole choice of the Wild Love Tails Team. Some sites may compensate us for purchases made, so we thank you for supporting the Wild Love Tails Team.

Wood and Metal Modern Dog bed
It is easy to focus on the pet items in our homes, but what about the furniture and accessories we share. When our pet and people items work together we have successful home decor design.

Whether starting with a new build, remodel or just buying a single piece of furniture for a home with pets and people, there are some things to consider from the fabric to the actual design and from the function to the care.  We have outlined our suggestions for the best fabric, furniture design, functional pieces and ease of care items.  We hope these ideas make your product a little easier and help answer a few questions before you begin.  You can click on the photo or the product link to find out more about the products, design ideas or article.  

Let’s start with the best fabric and material options you will want to consider when purchasing a sofa, sectional, ottoman or chair for your pet and people home.  The best options are Cloth, Slipcover, Leather, Microfiber and Denim. 

Pet Friendly Fabric Choices

1. Cloth Fabric Furniture – not a bad choice for sofas and sectionals at all, but you want to make sure the fabric has a tight weave, durable and does not pull easily.  If there is an indoor/outdoor fabric option or treated fabric that will help you keep it looking good – anything with the Sunbrella®  name is a great choice and you will find this as a fabric option on many of the furniture sites.  You also want to make sure that the fabric does not overly attract pet hair and when it it does, that it is easy to clean.  We know this sounds silly, but test it.  Not all fabric is created equal and a piece of furniture is an investment.  You can also add a little protection by applying Scotchgard Fabric Protector

Pet friendly cloth fabric sofa in deep grey.
This Pet Friendly Charcoal Grey Sofa from is a great option.  The color will hide stains well, the polyester fabric is easy to keep clean and smooth finish allows you to clean more efficiently.  This is great for pets with black, dark and grey fur.  If your pet has light or white fur, consider a much lighter option.  This grey sofa is a great option for industrial, modern or farmhouse home decor style.  
Pet Friendly Furniture Ideas
Create amazing home decor looks that are pet friendly, easy to keep clean and right on trend.

2. Slip Cover Furniture – slipcovers are in style and they are also a great choice for pet homes.  You can slip the covers right off and toss them in the washing machine.  When choosing the fabric the same rules apply and an indoor/outdoor option is a great choice.  For lighter color fur choose a lighter color like this sectional, but if your pet spends a lot of time outside and comes in with dirty paws….you need to decide how you feel about stains verses fur on the sofa. 

Here is a great Slip Cover Sectional choice from Pottery Barn.  This sectional can be tailored to your needs, your home layout and the the fabric design that fits your space.  You will want to choose a fabric like Sunbrella Performance Slub Tweed to ensure it is washable and will stand up a bit more, when pets, people and little ones are close at hand.  Slip cover sofas are great for coastal, farmhouse, modern and classic home styles.  

3. Leather Furniture – a great choice for a pet home, especially when there is a lot of pet hair.  You can basically wipe it off, keeping things pretty clean.  Leathers are not all created the same, so choose high quality leather that does not show scratches as easily.  If you are really concerned choose a rustic style that does not show the blemishes much.  You will also want to apply leather cleaner and balm to help maintain the hide.  

 We love this Leather Sofa from because it has a flat back for dogs and cats who love to lay on the back sofa, this design gives them to room to lay without smashing the cushions down or ruining the back and the rustic leather color allows for the personality of the leather to continue to happen as the sofa is lived in.  You want to make sure you choose a piece of furniture that is comfortable, functional and will be used.

4. Microfiber and Microsuede Fabrics – these synthetic fabrics are better than they have ever been and come in a wide range of colors from vibrant to subtle and from neutral to black and white.  They come in a variety of finishes, so be sure to make sure that you choose one that will not pull, pet claws won’t make holes or that pet fur sticks easily.  The texture will make a difference.   

This trendy, mid-century modern sofa is a great choice for pet homes. This fabric tends to be easy to clean. Choose Gold or Yellow for Golden Labs or yellow fur dogs, matching the fur color is a big help.

5. Denim – is a heavy duty cotton fabric that will stand up to the test of time, like a pair of good blue jeans, your denim furniture becomes a part of your homes wardrobe and looks great too.  Choose denim for a side chair or the entire sofa or sectional.  In this case, choosing a chair with a flat top and only the seat cushion being movable allows pets who like to rise to the occasion and sit on top have a flat place to lay and the removable cushion makes it easier to clean.

Denim is always in style and this Denim Side Chair is made of heavy duty denim fabric that is great for pups or kitties who like to spend time on the furniture!!!


Like the denim chair design, you want to also consider the design of your furniture just as much as the fabric.  For example, sofas and sectionals with soft, loose pillows can be destroyed by pets over time if they are climbers, like to lay on the back or rustle with the pillows.  They can become pet beds, stacked to get higher or smashed if they are used to lay on the back of the sofa.  Choosing a solid structure eliminates the constant battle with back cushions, like this Aria Sectional by Ballard Designs in a tan or neutral color.  You can always add a few throw pillows. 

This tufted back sofa does not have cushions that can be moved, smashed or removed by pets.

You can also choose pieces like this pet friendly Ballard Design Printed Lounge Chair that could be used for your pet to nap or rest during day hours.  As we said before we say no pets on the furniture, but let’s be real and choose pieces that if they are no one will ever know.  Choosing a printed fabric verses solid is another way to distract from pet wear and tear.  This lounge also represents a flat surface which can be more comfy for pets and people.  

Note:  Fabrics and material to stay away from are suede, silk, velvet, loosely woven fabric, linen and other easy to pull or tear.  You might like the look at first glance, but pet nails, simple scratches and even snuggles can change all that.



If you have the chance to build your home, choosing wood, tile or one of the new materials that are waterproof, wash up easy and are very strong is always a good choice.  If you have carpet, converting to one of these hard surface options may be your first choice before choosing your decor pieces.  The best options are hardwood, bamboo, vinyl, laminate, faux brick, stone and cork.  Make sure that what you buy is considered pet friendly as some of the above are more delicate and not as pet friendly as you might hope.   Here is a great article from the Floor Critics – “Best Flooring for Dogs and Cats” and it breaks each floor type down for you, with the pros and cons of the flooring choices.

No need to compromise great looks when making a choice for pet homes, like this beautiful wood floor.

Our favorite choice is a high quality laminate plank that is made to look like real, distressed wood.  These planks are rugged, won’t scratch, they are waterproof, easy to clean and the most important part is this floor looks amazing!!! 

This example is from Home Depot where you will find a huge selection of pet friendly, beautiful flooring options.  This is not your grandma’s vinyl flooring, these high quality, engineered vinyl planks are amazing, durable and are available in many different colors, styles and designs.   

This room layout care of Ballard Designs is a great example of using a hard surface for the majority of the room and adding a throw rug.  There are a few more things to consider when buying rugs and accessories for a pet friendly home.  



Rugs – you know your pet, so choose a throw rug that works best in your home.  Indoor/outdoor rugs are a great option, Scotchgard treated rugs or washable rugs are always the best choice.  You can also apply your own layer of Rug and Carpet Scotchgard to create an extra layer of protection. There are some beautiful rugs out there that are not washable or pet friendly, so make sure you read the fine print or spray them with Scotchgard and see how it goes.  Here is a great choice from who offers the largest selection of throw rugs we have found and they are always adding new designs.

This plush, colorful rug is considered stain resistant and pet friendly, making it ideal for high traffic areas.  Treat stains directly with a pet odor and stain remover, which should take care of problem with no issues.
This Neutral Throw Rug also by is actually washable.  So caring for the spaces in your pet home become a bit easier if you do come to messes every now and then.  


Room Accessories – Choose accessories that you can also use to store pet toys, blankets and accessories, allowing them to be a part of the room without notice.  Pets that fit comfortably in our home spaces are happier and so are their pet parents.

Baskets and Storage Containers – These amazing rustic, vintage baskets are available at Pottery Barn and certainly fit the bill of looking great and helping to keep your people and pet things organized and close by.  We love that there are different sizes, that they stack and they look great too.  The large bottom basket can even double as a dog or cat bed filled with a great cushion.  

Pillows – choose pet friendly accent pillows that are washable, no loose parts and made from the same fabrics suggested for furniture.  You don’t want your pet choking on buttons or decorative elements.  We love this faux fur pillow option that is washable, fuzzy and fun.  

Art – choosing art for the spaces in your home can also reflect your love of animals.  From black and white photos to custom works of art, you can find unique art that fits your home decor style.  Shop local galleries, Etsy and online shops to search for art pieces that speak to you.  Check out our Pet Art Pinterest Board for a wide range of art styles, artists that do custom work and wall decor inspiration. 


From the ground up making good choices on pet friendly items will make like so much easier in your pet home.  With new furniture, rugs and home decor pieces you will want to observe your pet a few days before leaving them on their own.  Pets love to explore all that is new and they do so a bit differently than people.  Let them do their exploring while you are around, find their comfort zone and help all that is new become part of the home.

The options featured in this post are the sole choices of the Wild Love Tails Team.  Our affiliates support our choices when you click or purchase any products we feature, but we do not ever feature an item based on a manufactures suggestion, samples or outside influence.  All of our suggestions are based on our experience, design ideas and what we love.  

We hope we can help you through the design process of decorating your pet friendly spaces.  Our team is always available to make suggestions, give an opinion or provide product links and information.  Feel free to reach out to us at We love when pets and people live in harmony.  There is never a fee for advice or suggestions.  We would love to hear from you.

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