Be The Coolest Vet Around

Every pet owner either has a favorite Vet or is looking for a place that they can trust to care for their pet’s everyday health, during an illness or in times when something horrible may occur. We thought it might be fun to share some of our favorite ideas and products for veterinary clinics.

Be the coolest vet around by creating spaces that are welcoming, creative and make your clients and their fuzzy friends more at home. Don’t feel like you have to fill every nook and cranny, just start with a focal point and build your space around it. Select great pieces of art, design a photo wall or create a mural.


Choose your wall art wisely, it becomes the focal point for your space and it will be noticed. This Doodle Reading Art does our heart good! While so many pet clinics features posters provided by vendors or text books, why don’t you create a welcoming space. Removing images and posters that can be scary to pet owners will enhance the experience. While some of the information you are sharing is very important, introduce it in the right places and possibly offer in cards or handouts.

Add a little bit of charm with vintage inspired animal posters. They will add color, personality and bring a smile. There Once Was A Girl Who Loved Dogs…Consider asking local artists to cover your walls with their art and you can even help them sell pieces. For pet owners looking for custom art work of their own, this is a great way to find a local artist they can work with.

Add a fun piece like The Beatles Abbey Road Theme Cat Picture. The vibrant colors are a stand out and set the tone for your other decor choices.

Vinyl wall stickers are a great choice for quick, simple and inexpensive decor and they make a huge statement. This Dog Wisdom Vinyl Wall Art is a fun look for a large wall. Paint it white or a neutral color and add the stickers and you are ready to go.

Dog Breed Poster

Educate your clients with animal posters, like this Dog Breed Poster that has a great vintage vibe. Frame it in a great wood or black frame to finish the look.

Cat Breed Poster

This sketched, vintage Cat Breed Poster is a great art piece that will educate your clients on just what their cat breed might.


Create a few custom signs to designate the exam rooms, spa or waiting room. Have a little fun with it, your people clients will be amused. Customized Metal Engraved Signs are a great, elegant choice. You can also enlist the help of local artists or sign makers to create something unique.

Portable Signs

Welcome your clients with a fun saying, directions or instructions. Use a chalk marker or pen on this Portable Chalkboard Sign and say what you need to say in style.

When you need to share information, do so on a cool standing frame and holder like this Black Standing Frame. You can tuck it away and move it where it needs to be seen. Framed information pieces look so much better in standing frames then taped to the wall.


Create a custom look for your store or clinic hours with this Business Hours Sticker Kit that allows you to customize your business hours. The font and the style is right on trend and is a great way to welcome your customers to your operation.

Let you clients see from the road if you are open or closed. This is really important if you have a Pet Supply Boutique or sell pet food, so that you can make people aware of your hours. Letting dive up customers know immediately if you are open or closed will help as well. This Open | Closed Flip Sign is easy to read and looks great too.


Photo Garland

This Wooden Bead Photo Garland is a great choice for showing off client pets and add a fun simple decor style to your waiting room. Hang the garland high enough they won’t be disturbed to much, but can also be seen.

Be The Coolest Vet Around and show off your clients!!!

Photo Holders

Pet owners love to show off photos of their pets and what a great way to create a family of clients by placing client pet photos around the office, in exam rooms and the counter. These ‘Stick’ Photo Holders are a great choice for photos of dogs, cats and other furry friends.

Jot the name of each pet and owner and they will be enjoyed as your clients wait for their turn.

Photo Badges

In a time of face masks for a wide range of reasons, consider having each member of your staff wear a photo pin that allows them to share a bit more of who they are and you can have a little fun with the idea.

White Pet Towels

White towels are a great choice for pet towels. Bleach them back to a bright white with ease. Offer a towel to furry clients as they come in from the rain. You can also wrap a shaking dog after an exam to make them feel more comfortable. Choose lightweight, bulk towels for pet use to keep costs down and this is a sure bet you will be the coolest vet around town!


Make upcoming Vet appointments more personal with a handwritten reminder that you hand out when you make each appointment or send them in the mail a week before every upcoming appointment. Add your business sticker to the backside and this postcard will often end up on the refrigerator or bulletin board for others to see, great way to build relationships and reach new customers! This set of Black and White Vet Appointment Reminders is a great choice for Vet’s, Dog Groomers or Pet Day Cares.


Share tips, tricks and ideas with your clients that will help them improve live with their pets. This is a great way to connect with pet owners and a way to stay in touch between visits or take away after an appointment. Mail them out to clients you have not seen in a while to subtly remind them you are there. These Pre-Printed Groomer’s Tip Cards are a great choice for setting on the counter or dropping in the mail.


We all forget to say Thank You sometimes, but the simple gesture goes along way. Consider sending out thank you cards the following week after each appointment to appreciate your clients in an extra special way. Add a personal comment and blow their minds. These Pup & Kitty Thank You Cards are great for Vets, Groomers and Pet Day Cares that serve a wide range of pets. Add a custom stamp or sticker to the back to brand you business even more.


Create a custom sticker with your logo, fun saying, phone number or website and add it to thank you cards, reminders or bags as your clients go out the door. The more often they see your name and logo the more they are reminded and are more likely to tell others about you. You can order as many as 1000 custom stickers for under $20, now that is cheap advertising!


Use a paw print bag to send home paperwork, samples, purchases or a little gift for your best clients. It is the thought that counts and this simple plastic paw print bag is a perfect place to put your business sticker and sound out the door with every client. Drop is a pet treat, pet care card, appointment card or follow up reminders.


Dog Waste Bag Holders

Give gifts, people and pets love gifts and this bone shaped waste bag dispenser and bags is a great options. Add your logo as a great reminder and they will offer a little advertising during every dog walk.

Dog Waste Bags

Give away a stash of Pet Waste Bags to each client. Add your custom sticker or toss them in a bag. They will remember the kindness every time they use one from the roll.

Custom | Branded Dog Leashes

Create Custom Dog Leashes that feature your brand, business name or fun saying your clinic is know for. Choose a color that well represents your business and customize the art and saying.

Dog Toys

For pet spots that have frequent visitors, create a point system for visits and let each pup choose a toy when they reach their goal. A collection like this has a little something for everyone. Bulk Pet Toy Collection.

We love to share ideas for pets and people and we think it is really important for the spaces and places that welcome pets and people create environments that make both pets and people feel welcome.

Marketing is an important part of every business and that goes for Veterinarians, Pet Spas, Animal Clinics, Pet Groomers and Pet Day Care. We hope some of the pet themed marketing ideas our team shared will help you enhance your business. For more great marketing ideas for pets for your business or at the office, visit our friends at

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