Animal Prints Are Always In!

Are animal prints in or out this year? We are pretty sure that animal prints never go out of style. Classy & sassy pets and people love to show off a little plush leopard or sleek cheetah.

For those of us who have to add a bit of animal print in our wardrobe, home decor and every day living, these fab animal print pet products and sassy accents are a must.

  1. Leopard Baseball Cap – fab for small and medium size dogs, featuring cut outs for perky ears and a neck tie to keep the hat in place.
  2. Leather and Pearl Pet Collar – black leather and pearls is fab to pair with animal prints.
  3. Crystal Pet Collar – diamonds are a girl’s and our furry friend’s best friend.
  4. I Just Want To Eat Treats and Cuddle With My Human Dog Shirt – cute saying tees are so popular right now and this is a perfect choice for your pup. Grey with rustic typeface.
  5. Leopard Pet Bed – soft sided animal print snuggle bed is perfect for small breed dogs and kitties.
  6. Leopard Pet Blanket – this washable pet blanket is a terrific option in soft leopard fabric.
  7. Animal Print Dog Leash – cloth animal print leash with brass hardware is the perfect pet accessory when you head out the door.
  8. Trendy Pet Carrier – Sleek stripes and lined with a fun animal print makes this a great carrier for small dog breeds and kitties. Perfect for the planes, trains and automobiles.
  9. Faux Fur Pet Bed – luxury fur animal fur floor cushion is a great home decor accessory in pet corners, rooms or the bedroom.
  10. Leopard Pet Sandals – set of 4 fun sandals that are sized to fit your pups paws and protect them from summer sand, sidewalks and hot surfaces.
  11. Animal Print Pet Food and Water Dishes – sleek animal skin prints on fish shaped bowl for kitties and round bowls for pets is a great touch to sassy home decor and pet spaces.

The products featured in this article were hand-picked by the Wild Love Tails team for their style, design and sassiness!! For our full discloser statement head over to our About Us Page.

Wishing you Wet Kisses and Wagging Tails – The Wild Love Tails Team

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