Ways To Show You Love Your Pet

In honor of National Pet Day, we wanted to share some ways to show you love your pet. Every pet receives love a bit differently, but different animals give and receive love in their own way. With so many different pets out there, we cannot cover them all, but here are some ideas for each pet type that will inspire you to show you love your pet. The little things count from eye contact and rubbing ears and from spending time to making special homemade pet treats.


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Dogs show love in a few different ways from licking and nuzzling to eye contact and jumping on your. Each breed handles their show of affection a bit differently depending on their demeanor, but most dogs are able to show their owners and the people they are closest to much love and affection. Dogs love to have their ears rubbed, to have your full attention and eye contact will show that and of course treats. Making homemade treats or buying their favorite treats is a great way to show the love. Here are a ton of homemade dog treat recipes that will inspire you to make your own. Check out our Pinterest Page to learn all kinds of fun things for you and your dog.


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Cats show their affection in many different ways from purring and meowing to licking and gifting you with prey. While cats may seem a bit standoffish to some, they get very attached to their people and will make sure that their affection is known. Here is a great article by Spruce Pets that breaks down Cat Love. Eye contact is one of the best ways to show you love your cat. Playing with them, nuzzling and giving them treats is also a great way to share the love. Here are some fabulous cat treat recipes that will make your gift of treats special.

Rabbits and Bunnies

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Bunnies show love through a little nibble and nuzzling. They have even been known to click their teeth. These loving creatures are fun to be around and share the love. www.petplan.com has a great article that breaks down rabbit and bunny love. Petting your rabbit on the cheeks and forehead to show you love them. You can also nose nuzzle to share the love. Rabbits like most pets love to be loved with treats. Here are some fun homemade bunny treats you can make yourself. Here are some great tips, tricks and fun facts about pet bunnies and rabbits.

Backyard Chicken And Chicks

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Backyard chickens are very affectionate creatures and they take very good care of each other and they take care of their chicks. These intelligent animals teach us how to nurture, stay organized and know the world around you. Chickens do not show or receive love through being handled or nuzzled, but they can and do show affection and know you are showing your affection as you care for them. Spending time and observing your chickens is actually a good way to show you care and love them. Chickens love to eat and there are some really great treats you can make for them to enjoy. Here are some fun chicken treat recipes you can try on your flock. If you have chickens or want to add some to the backyard, here are a host of posts on our Pinterest page that you will love to follow – Backyard Chickens.


Horses show and receive love in a more subtle way. They actually prefer to to lick you rather than nuzzle, but humans are caught a bit off guard with a little horse love. Some horses love to have their face and neck rubbed, while others do not care for it. Each horse has their own personality, so you know the best way to show them love and if you let them, they will lick you with love. Show your horse your love through massaging them, spending quality time and of course special treats. Here are some great horse treat recipes we found.


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Some hedgehogs will actually show affection, while others are not interested. Unlike other pets, these cuddly creatures have a mind of their own and may choose to not show their love. When a hedgehog lays their quills down they are showing you they trust you, which is a huge sign of love. Hedgehogs will lick and even bite you, which could be interpreted as love, but actually they are just tasting. These solitary creatures are good with their own company, but they do love treats, which is a great way to show you love them. When treating hedgehogs to a nibble you will want to make sure you make or give them food that won’t harm them. Here are some guidelines and treat recipes for homemade hedgehog treats. For more great info on pet hedgehogs visit our Pinterest page.


Birds show their love through wagging their tail feathers and flapping their wings. They may even nudge you to let you know they care. Birds have their own style and personality, so your pet bird might how their love in their own way. Birds make music and in turn they enjoy hearing it, show your love with soft music, slow and deliberate moves and of course bird treats. You can make your own bird food and treats that will also give them some fun play time too. Here are a few great bird treat and food recipes we collected. For great ideas on setting up bird spaces or thinking about getting a bird, visit our pet bird pinterest page.


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Pet fish might not nuzzle and give fish kisses, but some fish actually do know the faces of their people and other fish will actually play. Having a fish for a pet is of course very different from a furry companion, but you can still show them your love with a fish toy for the tank, a little eye contact or try a homemade fish food or treat. Here are a few fish food and treat recipes we found that you might want to give a try. It is really important to do the research on the type of fish and their eating habits to make sure you don’t feed them anything they cannot tolerate. Here are some fun ideas for cool fish tanks, DIY projects and just great fish stuff.

Of course there are other pets from lizards and snacks to hamsters and guinea pigs. All of which you can share a treat to show your love. Most pets are happy when you spend time with them, even if they do not all show love back in the same way. So to honor Love Your Pet Day, take a walk, make a treat or just share some eye contact and it will be a great day.So whether your pet shakes their tail feathers, wags their tail or wants to rub your nose, they all do try to show their love and you can show yours right back.

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Wishing you wet kisses and wagging tails!

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