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A Valentine’s Day Pup Style

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and it is time to show some extra Tail Love. We know this happens daily, but why not use this lovey holiday to show some extra love for our favorite 4 legged friends.

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Here are 5 fun ideas to do this Valentine’s Day:

Take Valentine Pet Photos

Cut out paper hearts, pick up a Valentine Stuffed Animal or make a floral wreath and create a fun, clean backdrop and take professional style photos. For photo inspiration visit us on Pinterest.

Make Homemade Dog Valentine’s

Whip up a batch of dog treats, cookies, biscuits or cupcakes with ingredients that your dog loves. You can also wrap them up and share them with your best dog loving friends. For Homemade Dog Treats Ideas and Recipes for Valentine’s Day.

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Create fun Doggy Valentine’s like these from www.doggiewoof.com

Send Doggy Valentine’s

You can make them yourself, use the photos you took or purchase cute Valentine’s and send them from your and your dog. A fun way to make a dog lover’s day!!! Here is a simple and fun Doggy Valentine’s Day Card from Amazon.

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Host a Doggy Valentine Party

Invite pets and people on Valentine’s Day or close by to celebrate a little 4 legged love. Serve Heart themed pet and people food, Valentine punch and cocktails, host a puppy kissing booth, create a Love themed photo corner and coordinate pup and people games. Send invites with details about the party so everyone is ready for a great time. For recipes, kissing booth designs and other party ideas on Pinterest.

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Valentine Dog Gifts and Gift Exchange

Why save gift exchanges for Christmas, what a fun idea for the office, a fund raiser or pet and people party. You can organize an Dirty Valentine’s Day Gift Exchange, where everyone brings a gift and picks a number and people can steal gifts (so much fun), have everyone draw names and plan an exchange or choose Secret Doggy Valentine’s and host a week of gift giving for your best dog lovers. Click on the links below to find out more about each of these fun items from our favorite affiliates.

Here are a few simple, fun gift ideas:

Choose your Valentine gifts for pets and people with great thought. From simple little items to wonderful jewelry pieces to be cherished. For more Dog Lover Jewelry Ideas.

To set up your photo booth area – use hearts, heart dog toys and fun props to to create adorable dog photos.

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So plan your Valentine Day activities with your furry friend in mind. Suggest a fun gift exchange or invite everyone over for Valentine Cocktails and hang out time.

Wishing you extra Wet Kisses this Valentine’s Day!!!!

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