Cat Playgrounds and Towers

Cats love to climb, hide, play and snooze. Having a place of their own is a great choice for indoor cats, apartment cats and cats who spend time inside and out. Here are your favorite choices when it comes to cat play.

We love to watch kitties at play and here are some terrific indoor and outdoor play towers and playgrounds. From modern to vintage and from portable to eco-friendly, we are sure you will find the right one for your pet family.

Feel free to click on the following photos or links to find out more about each option from our amazing pet-friendly affiliates. We work closely with a range of sites to find our favorites and curate the best of the best. You can click on the photo or the link to find out more about each one. If you decide to buy one, a small portion of the sale may go to Wild Love Tails, at no additional cost to you. Every item we feature is the sole choice of the Wild Love Tails team and not based on paid advertising or free samples. We only share what we believe in, in hopes to inspire, share new ideas and help make the lives of people and pets better.

Cat house playground play house outdoor playhouse kitty playhouse #catplayground #catplayhouse
Kitty Outdoor Playhouse

This adorable two-story cat playhouse is perfect for the backyard, porch or deck. With places to hide, climb, reds and peak, your kitties will have a ball. Add soft cushions or blankets on the inside for snuggle time.

Cat Play Tower
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Give your cat the perfect outdoor playground white this tall tower filled with places to hide, sneak around, peak and sleep. Adorable coastal style, with white picket fence and rustic style details. Ideal for one or many cats. Assemble on the porch, deck, sunroom or backyard for hours of fun and relaxation for your kitty. Add a little DIY kitty sign and customize.

black stained wood outdoor cat playground playhouse tower house
Cat Outdoor Playground

Go big or go home with this this amazing outdoor cat playground. Stained, black, this modern playground is perfect for every backyard. The screen in area keeps your cats safe while outside and there are plenty of hiding places in the wooden area. Make it totally secure or open it up for cats to get in and out. You know what will work best for your cat.

faux tree cat playhouse artificial fake green tree indoor house kitty playground tower

Faux Cat Treehouse

Bring the outside in this one of our favorite kitty towers. This indoor playground for cats, gives them shelves to climb on and hide, places to rest and it will sit quietly in the corner. The hidden cat play areas make it a perfect choice for modern, traditional or even farmhouse homes where you are not ready for a full blown cat tower.

stained wood rustic wood cat tower playhouse playground tree

Stained Wood Cat Tower

This rustic modern cat tree is perfect for industrial, modern and even farmhouse style homes. The stained wood looks great and gives a furniture appeal to this cat play space. The soft cushions are removable and you can wrap the yarn tower with different string, yard and sisal to coordinate with your space.

cat playhouse playground cardboard environmetally friendly eco-friendly small footprint recycle recycled paper board customize kitty #catplayground

Cardboard Cat Tower

The perfect choice for those who want to leave a smaller carbon footprint. This cardboard cat tower allows you to customize and change the tower to give you kitty new places to play. You can paint it, decorate it or leave it just as it is. When your kitty is done playing you can fold it up and when you are really done with it, you can dispose of the cardboard in an environmentally respectable way. We love when we come across environmentally friendly pet products.

cat tower tree playhouse playground indoor claw climb house
Large Cat Tower Playground

If you home has plenty of ceiling, this is a super fun tall tower that your cats will love. Covered with plush grey carpet and plenty of places to crawl, hide and seek, your cat will be so entertained. Add their favorite toys, blanket and they will be so happy. For cats with claws, you want to train them to use the pillars from the start and for those who do not have claws they can easily climb the walkways, jump and play.

If you are getting a new kitten, rescue cat or looking for something fun for the cats in your life, we hope one of these great options does the trick. We have found some more great options for indoor and out for your kitties. Consider adding one to your patio or porch for those who live in an apartment that is secure so you can let your kitty have a little safe time outside and enjoy the breeze, the birds and the fresh air. For more ideas visit us on Pinterest – Cat Playhouses, Playgrounds and Towers.

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