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Family game night is a great memory we thought we would search for the best pet themed games we could find to see if we could make game night even more fun. These are the best pet games, decks of cards and puzzles we came across and we love the stories behind the companies and their love and support of dogs, cats and pets alike.

There are games for little ones, games for tweens and adult games that all pay respect to our furry friends. The Dog and Cat Game might be our favs with the fur literally coming out of the box. Here are top dog and cat game picks and to see more visit us on Pinterest.

Board Games

Did you know the board has been around since 3500 BC. People have been entertaining themselves with created games that build skills, exercise the brain and make us laugh. There are some pretty famous board games like Chess, Monopoly and Scrabble, but did you know there were pet themed games that will top your list.

Chess is noted as the top played, made and sold game of all time. A definite game of strategy, this is a great game to teach your children and to play for a life-time. We fell in love with this hand-crafted Dogs verses Cats Chess Set that is made in Italy an Italian company located outside of Florence that was founded in 1976. They produce the highest quality, well designed chess pieces in the world.

Dog Opoly and Cat Opoly are terrific board games for Monopoly Dog and Cat Loving families. Set up just like Monopoly, but each game is dog or cat themed. A great game to play during the holidays and family time and a great game to give to pet loving families. Made by Late for the Sky who began making specialty board games in 1984. Their first game was MIAMIOPOLY, based on Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. Company founder and president is a 1980 graduate of Miami University and her time spent there served as the inspiration for the first game. They now offer a wide range of themed and even custom games.

The Cat Game and The Dog Game are so much fun and the game boxes are so funny. Designed for ages 16+ these are terrific games to play with older kids, friends and adult family. This interactive drawing game is a lot of fun and will keep the laughs going. Designed by The Spin Master Company, founded in 1994 by two childhood friends.

Cat Lady Board Game – what a fun game for a White Elephant or Dirty Santa gift exchange. Cat Lady or not, cat and animal lovers will get a kick out of this feline game that is set for 2-4 players. Made by AEG who work with some of the greatest designers in the gaming world. Their designers represent the cutting edge in creativity, entertainment and fun. Each of them brings a unique sense of style and design emphasis to the work they do.

Playing Cards

Hand Painted Dog Playing Cards and Hand Painted Cat Playing Cards – these beautiful playing cards are a great gift for animal lovers alike. Made by Elephant Playing Cards, which began with a the design of a single deck of cards. They collaborate with talented artists from around the world to create amazing card decks.


Puzzles pass the time for young and old and these great dog and cat puzzles will be fun for animal loving families. Gift as a gift to dog walkers, dog groomers and dog sitters or keep for your pet loving family.

For more great games, books and puzzles visit us on Pinterest and get your dog and cat gifts, games and fun.

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