Are You A Creative Cat?

Do you think you are a Creative Cat or maybe a DIY Dog? If you are not sure, ask yourself these questions. Do you like to take pet photos? Would you consider journaling about your pet adventures? Are you happy when you make things with your hands? If you answered yes to any of these, you are probably a Creative Cat.

If you know you have a creative side, but have not taken the leap, we hope this article encourages you to take the leap. Creativity is great mind therapy, a terrific way to hold onto the memories and is something fun you can do for your pets. There are many different crafts to explore from Needle Felting and knitting to scrapbooking and junk journaling.

If you are not sure where to begin, let’s us introduce you to a wide range of crafts and you can do the research to find out which one is right for you. With your pup or kitty as you muse, by your side or the star of the show, find your creative outlet and let’s go.

Pet Scrapbooking

Layout by Aga Baraniak of AB Studios

Scrapbooking is the art of creating paper layouts with photos, journal entries and decorative elements that capture a moment, event or everyday life. Scrapbooking is generally done in a 12×12 in format. Each page created and then slipped into a protective sleeve for safe keeping. Many traditional scrapbooks are done in 2 page layouts that sit side by side, allowing you to tell a little bigger story. Aga Baraniak of AB Studios, a wonderful watercolor artist, paper designer and small business owner. Her amazing paper designs give you a wonderful place to start. Choose a pet photo or two, add a journal entry, cut out a flower, wrap a piece of wire and you will have a beautiful layout. We love her technique of multiple pet photos on one page. If you have a local scrapbook store in your area, we urge you to support them or shop at one of the craft retailers to find the right supplies. You can order Aga’s products online at her shop AB Studios.

Pet Junk Journaling

Nupur Patel create this junk journal layout using Aga Baraniak’s Compose Your Life Paper Collection

What is junk journaling you ask? This relatively new art free form style form is a great way to journal, collect and art , using items one might consider trash, from junk mail and old envelopes to vintage lace and old book pages.

Linda Israel is an expert Junk Journal Instructor and Creator of the Friendly Junk Journal Group

You can create a journal of sorts by layering, adding pockets, photos and more. You can make a journal a month, create one for a special event or to capture the life of your buddy. If you would like to explore Junk Journalling and how it is done, join a group like Friendly Junk Journal People on Facebook or find a local group. Here is a great video that walks you though how to make a Dog Traveler’s Junk Journal

Handmade Pet Cards and Invitations

If you are not up for making your own, here is a great card line on Etsy with realistic dogs by Sharon Salt.

Pet Invitations and Note Cards – create one of a kind invitations to a pet and people party using paper, pictures and craft supplies, making them one of a kind. Choose one photo to put on all of them, or if you have a collection, choose a different photo for each card or invitation and choose papers and embellishments to accent the photo. If you make the card in a 5×7 size, they can easily be framed and kept by friends and loved ones.

Macrame | Rope | Yarn Pet Crafts

Create functional, simple and elegant crafts with ropes and cords for your pets from collars and leashes to toys and baskets.

Knitting for Pets

If you have always wanted to learn to knit or put your knitting needles away a long time ago, grab a pair and let’s start knitting. With so many amazing yarns now available you can create dog sweaters, pet blankets or even realistic pet breed knitted art. Choose from realistic faux-fur yarns that you can almost feel the texture from the photos to

colorful, soft and even bulky yarns that are ideal for making sweaters, scarves and hats for your furry friends.

Knitting for your pets is a great way to practice your skills and create some pretty cute outfits along the way. You can find great patterns like this traditional pattern dog sweater we found in this fun book Seamless Knitting for Posh Pets by Sharon Seabrow.

Sweater and Pattern featured in Sharon Scabrow’s book – Seamless Knits for Post Pets.

Crochet for Pets

If knitting is not your thing, crochet might be up your alley. One needle verses two and you have a bit more control. You can grab a set of crochet needles and accessories in great kits.

Needle Felting

If you are not familiar with Needle Felting it is a technique that uses felting needles that have unique barbs that tangle the fibers when you pull them out of the wool. Here is a book Needle Felted Animal Friends by Sachiko Susa that will give you some insight into the craft.

Pet Fabric and Quilting

project found in Quilted Cats & Dogs by Chris Malone

Sewing, quilting and fabric crafts are all the rage and a fun way to express your creativity. Make your own dog bed, create cat themed placemats or a memory quilt of a favorite pet. Fabric crafts are getting more and more sophisticated and artisan. If this is your thing consider an adventure in Textile Collage and create a wonderful piece or two for your pet gallery art wall.

This beautiful book on Textile Collage will inspire you to create amazing works of art.

For more inspiration, products and supplies, visit our Quilting and Fabric Crafts Pinterest board filled with great fabrics, quilting tools, books and fresh ideas.

So choose beautiful papers, grab the scissors and print off your favorite photos and let your inner creative cat out to create amazing memories. If you are looking dog, cat and pet themed craft supplies, take a look at what we found from our favorite affiliates.

Photo Credit: Aga Baraniak

Stay tuned for more creative ideas, inspiration and innovation from the team at Wild Love Tails and the creative world around us. Wishing you wet kissing and wonderful memories.

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