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10 Cool Pet Trends For 2020

Dog Cat Pet Trends for 2019 2020

Welcome to Wild Love Tails!!! We are a blog and pet shop filled with ideas, inspiration and fun products to make lives with pets and people even more wonderful. We enter 2020 with some very unique pet trends that are going to be so much fun to watch. In this article we will focus on 10 Cool Pet Trends For 2020 that certainly show that pet love and ownership continues to grow and the need for us to create great pet and people spaces, make the lives of our pets better than ever and show off our love of animals in many ways.

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10 Cool Pet Trends For 2020

  1. Unique Pet Beds and Sleeping Options – from handmade to upscale
  2. Custom Pet Art and Pet Gallery Walls – we love gallery walls and with pets wow!
  3. Decorator Pet Rooms and Pet Spaces – pets are getting their own spaces at home
  4. Homemade Pet Food and Treats – healthy and unique
  5. Stylish Pet Attire – from leashes and collars to bandanas and bow ties
  6. Pet Parties – new puppy, dog birthday, rescue celebrations
  7. Pet Photography – professional, selfies and family photos
  8. Outdoor Adventures with Pets – dogs are going everywhere these days
  9. Pet Themed People Gifts – pet lovers are showing off their loves
  10. Pet Friendly Furniture and Home Decor – pets and people living in harmony

Pet products have come so far, with many options to fit your home style, pet needs and to make life easier for you and your furry friends. Here is what we are seeing, let us know if you are participating in any of these trends.

1. Unique Pet Beds and Sleeping Options

Unique wooden Entry Hallway Mudroom Dog Bed Furniture, storage drawer, leash, coat and tote hooks

Unique Pet Beds from DIY dog and cat beds made of pallets and wine barrels to fine pet furniture pieces and custom sewn pet cushions, pet bedding is in vogue. Now pet owners have opinions in finding stylish beds that fit into their home decor style, they can choose bedding options that are sized properly for their 4 legged friend and they can choose hard of soft cushions for therapeutic reasons. Our pets spend a good deal of time napping, resting and sleeping, so why not add a unique dog bed to every pet home and give them a wonderful place to rest. We have gathered a fabulous collection of pet beds, soft-side cushions, pillows and uniquely designed bedding ideas that we know will inspire on our Pinterest Page – Bed Beds, Pillows and Floor Cushions.

2. Custom Pet Art and Pet Gallery Walls

create a unique wall of art, photos and signs with a dog cat or animal theme that fit your home decor style and show off your love of pets

Pet Art and Pet Art Galleries are filling the homes of pet lovers. Dedicated art walls filled with custom pet art, photographs and sayings, to family art walls with people and pets. Finding pet artists to do custom pet art is readily available these days with the increasing popularity of Etsy and other artist websites. Some artist offer art that speaks to you and others offer the service of painting, drawing or even cartooning your pets. Bringing together a combination of different pet art pieces to create a pet art gallery wall is a lot of fun and becomes a statement wall for you and the guests that have the pleasure of viewing it. For more gallery art wall ideas visit our Pinterest Board – Art Wall Galleries and Murals.

3. Decorator Pet Rooms and Pet Spaces

Create unique dog rooms, corners, spaces, mudrooms and laundry rooms with fun pet supplies, art, decor and more #dogrooms #petrooms #dogspaces

Pet Rooms and Corners – making a space for your dog or cat that they can call their own is so hip. They can be in a corner of a room, small closet, part of the laundry room, in the mud room or why not use a whole guest room. Add fun pet art to the wall, names, leash hangers, pet toy storage, cool food containers, pet bed or cushions and anything else your 4 legged friend cannot live without. Interior designers are working pet spaces into their home decor styles from under the stair spaces, sharing the laundry room or even full blown pet rooms. They are fun to design and decorate and you and your pet will enjoy time in your pet space. You will also want to choose a handmade, unique or stylish pet bowl to fit into your pet space.

4. Homemade Pet Food and Treat Recipes

Cozy Cook Blog Dog Pet Food Recipes and Ideas for homemade dog treats and dog food #cozycookblog

An Abundance of homemade pet food, recipes and cookbooks are making their way on the pet scene. Making homemade pet food, treats and goodies has become very popular these days and that is apparent with so many great recipes on Pinterest. Creating dog and cat recipes from scratch ensures those who believe in healthy eating and those who want to give their pets the best a comfort level that they are doing all they can to give their pets a healthy and happy life. With so many dog foods having unknown ingredients and with pet food allergies on the rise, making it yourself is a great option and a definite trend. You will also find pet food stores and online chefs that are making homemade goodies that they will ship or you can order and share with your furry friend. For a wide range of recipes for pet cakes, cupcakes, treats, food, snacks, frozen treats and more, visit our Pinterest Board – Dog Cat Treat and Food Recipes and we also have found some pretty awesome containers to store or give your homemade goodies away – Pet Food and Treat Storage Containers.

5. Stylish Pet Attire and Accessories

Custom unique leather dog leashes made in the USA gift ideas for dog lovers puppies #dogleashes

From doggy jackets to designer collars, pet attire and accessories is trending up. Stylish Pet Collars and Leashes that reflect you and your pet’s style – gone are the days of cheap collars, leashes and plastic poo bag holders. Dogs and their owners are looking cooler than ever in dog accessories that fit their style. From leather collars, leashes and vintage leather tote bags to recycled denim goods and from black and white buffalo check to pearls. Why grab a cheap tote to hold pet toys, leashes and blanket for the park when you can show off you and your dogs style with a tote that is all you.

unique dog clothes, jackets, costumes and for all dog sizes and breeds
Jackets, shirts and costumes that fit your dog’s personality are all the rage!

We are seeing more pet outfits, costumes, neck attire and fun accessories than ever. Many of the trending items are functional too from dog boots, all-weather coats and rain jackets to pet attire that is just plain fun; from silly hats to cats in sunglasses. Whatever your style, the trend is about making it your own. From classy custom collars to handmade bandanas, you and your pet style show through in the accessories. We love to Pin our favorite outfits and share some of the pet fashions from our affiliates. You will find a great collection on our Pinterest Board – Pet Attire, Accessories and Costumes.

6. Parties for Pets and People

host or attend a dog party to celebrate a birthday, rescue or new puppy.  #dogparties #dogbirthday

Pet parties are a fabulous way for pets and people to have a good time, plan a fun event and celebrate milestones. Any excuse for a party is what we say and why not do it with our furry friends. So many people these days travel with their pets to eat dinner, walk the farmer’s market or even shopping, so when it comes to attending a party, bringing their pet along is very welcome. We are seeing fun themes from Life of Pets to Frozen to from Fiesta to Outlander. The parties can be for kids, families or adults and the theme can be just about anything you desire. We pulled together some of our favorite themes and we hope they inspire you to throw your own Pet Party – Pet Party Supplies and Theme Ideas

7. Professional Style Pet Photography

dog and pet photography ideas for puppies, family photos, Christmas photos

Pet photographs, like family and baby photos is a definite pet trend. Including the photos as part of pet art wall galleries, framed in spaces in the home or gifts for pet grandparents and family has made the need for quality, professional style photos a must. From professional photo shoots to sitting with Santa and from photos taken together at the park to capturing a moment on your cell phone. Posing for your wedding photos, family photos or just for fun with your pup create memories of a lifetime and people are jumping on this trend. If you want to give this trend a shot, here is a great collection of pet photos, fun set ups and hints to take great pet photos – Pet Photography Ideas, Props and Settings. Here is a great piece with Must Have Tools For Taking Pet Photos.

8. Pet and People Travel

couple hiking with dog wilderness travel with dog ideas tips and tricks camping with dog

Travel and Outdoor Adventures with Pets is a way of life these days and the trend does not seem to be doing away. Gone are the days of pets staying home when we travel. They are traveling with us camping, hiking, on airplanes, in the car for road trips and on family adventures. We love all the great gadgets from pet sleeping bags to hiking boots and from pet car seats to all weather coats. We know a majority of the travels are done by the dog, we are seeing more and more travel accessories for cats too. Outdoor Pet Supplies and Pet Travel Accessories.

9. Pet Lover Gifts

Pet themed gift items are available from fine jewelers, artists and at your favorite gift shop. Personalized bracelets, custom art pieces, fun tee shirts and even home decor accessories with great pet sayings or fun artwork. Giving a pet themed gift to a pet lover was a trend back in the 80’s with cat posters and fun little trinkets, but this trend has taken on a new life with quality gifts that pet lovers are sporting on their office desks, on their wrists and in their homes. No longer are pet gifts considered only for crazy pet people, they are welcomed pet lovers alike. Here are some of our favorite finds – Pet Lover Gift Ideas and Pet Kitchen Gadgets

10. Pet-Friendly Furniture and Home Decor

pottery barn furniture solutions for pet homes storage and organization #pethome

Pet-friendly spaces and homes is a definite trend in home decor and with interior designers and home owners. Choosing furniture with fabric and finishes that is ideal for pets and people, choosing pet furniture pieces that match your home decor style and furniture and accessories that help you stay organized and allow pet and people things to live in harmony. We are amazing at all the great products we found in a wide range of interior design styles from leash holders to pet toy organizers and from funky art to modern pet beds. This is by far our favorite trend and we cannot wait to show you all the great stuff we found by home decor style – Home Decor for Pet Friendly Homes.

We love to hear your pet stories and about the trends you are seeing. Send photos of your pet spaces, trendy dog attire or travels with your pets!!! info@wildlovetails.com

The ideas, products and suggestions in this post were researched and curated by the Wild Love Tails team. These opinions are based on what we see and what we love. The Wild Love Tails team loves to see pets and people living in harmony and in spaces that they truly love.

Hope your day is filled with wagging tails and wet kisses – The Wild Love Tails Team

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