Handmade Dog Bandanas by Smalltown Pupwear.

Olivia Van Dusen is a young entrepreneur who is making dog neckwear with her unique style. She is the owner of Smalltown Pupwear and a rising star in the exciting world of handmade dog products, Olivia sews custom bandanas for pups, cats and pets of all shapes and sizes.  What is the most exciting is Olivia is 13, and decide to create products to outfit her pup, Finn and turned it into a business. She began the business at the age of 12 and it is still going strong today. The neckwear is available on her Etsy shop and locally.  

Custom Pet Bandandas

Olivia offers a wide range of everyday, seasonal and holiday options. They can also be monogrammed and customized for a special event, wedding or birthday. Making all her products by hand in the USA, allows her to customize them, find unique fabrics and offer what other online shops do not. It is also a great choice for welcoming a new rescue pet into your home just like Finn.

Each one is made by hand and not only does she sew and sell them all, she also loves to work with pet models, featuring them on her Instagram account. She even works with pet-friendly businesses to offer her pet neckwear at bulk prices, already becoming a good business women.

Each Bandana is Handmade

Equipped with a sewing machine, that she bought herself, trendy fabrics and a few designs in her head, she created a full line of pet neckwear that is ever changing with the trends, holidays and new prints.   Olivia is self-taught and has also taken a class to learn more about the art of sewing, a great skill for all kids to have.

Adding a bandana or bow tie is a great idea for pet pictures, birthday parties, family outings, local parade or just a walk about town.  Finn likes to get dressed up and look great to celebrate, when he hits special milestones.  For fun party ideas, visit our Pet Party Ideas Pinterest Page. You will also find other great pet accessories and attire on the Wild Love Tails Pinterest Boards.

You can follow the adventures of Finn The Jack Russell on Instagram and keep up with what Olivia and Finn are up to.

Springdale, Arkansas

Olivia was featured on the local NW Arkansas 40/29 News, an ABC affiliate, as she has recruited a few friends and converted her dog bandana business into a handmade mask business, donating them to local healthcare providers through Arkansas Arts & Fashion Forum. The group sent out a challenge on Facebook, encouraging people to make homemade masks to help during Coronavirus outbreak. With the shortage of masks, she, along with a few friends and a few moms, worked together to makes dozens of masks with more to come. These are designed for patients and not medical staff, helping to perserve much needed medical supplies.

To find out more inforatmion you can contact Olivia through her Etsy Shop.

Wishing you Wet Kisses and Wagging Tails!

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