Best Leather Pet Products

Leather is a strong, classic and stands the test of time.  The Best Leather Pet Products are great because they are natural, eco-friendly and biodegradable.  So when you have a choice of a synthetic pet product over a leather one, consider what happens when you are done with the dog collar or leash.  

Leather never goes out of style, but it does come and go with the trends and we are seeing more and more hand-crafted leather items for pets and people that are made right here in the USA.  Leather that is finished with eco-friendly practices in mind.  

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Leather Leashes and Collars

Leather Leashes

Leashes are one of the top selling pet products on the market.  They are strong, durable and ideal for any size breed.  A leash is a pretty personal purchase and one that generally stays with you and your pet for sometime.  It is worth the investment to not only hold up, but also to feel good in your hand as you walk on by.  Here are a few of our favorite leather leashes from our affiliate sites.  Here are some of our favorites from our affiliates – you can click on the photo or the product link for more product details.

Leather is sustainable, long lasting and looks great. Choosing one of these leather leash accessory is always a good idea.

Leather Collars

Leather is a great choice for pet collars due to the flexibility, durability and softness of the material. Leather comes in many versions and choosing a high quality tanned leather is critical if you want a collar that will last.

Leather Pet Toys

Leather is a good choice for for pets teeth, long lasting and has a classic look. Not all leather is the same, so make your choice wisely as you know your dog or cat the best to know how they will play.

Leather Backpacks and Totes

We think leather is the best choice when picking a tote, bag, backpack or messenger bag for dog days. Nice quality leather stands up, lasts long and is strong enough to hold what needs to be held. A backpack is great for handsfree, but there are other great totes to choose from.

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