10 Facts To Help Keep Your Pet’s Temperature Normal

Knowing these 10 facts to help keep your pet’s temperature normal as close to normal during cold winter days and hot summer months. Many pet owners think they know everything there is to know about their 4-legged friend, but there might be a few facts that will surprise you.

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While these facts are great for everyday living, a very high pet temperature could strongly indicate your pet is ill or has an infection, immediately take them to your vet or an animal emergency.

10 Facts To Help Keep Your Pet’s Temperature Normal

  1. A dog and cat’s normal temperature ranges between 101-102 degrees Fahrenheit. Knowing how to take your pet’s temperature is important to know before you need to and having the right equipment. We recommend picking up a pet thermometer to have on hand and to take with you when you travel with your pet, go for a hike or spend the day outdoors. This is our pick for the best pet thermometer. To learn more about pet fevers and taking your pet’s temperature, the experts at pets.webmd.com break it down for us.
  2. Conduction is your pet’s first choice to warm up or cool down. You will often find your dog sunning themselves on a cool spring day or your cat lounging on a chilly kitchen floor to cool off.
  3. Dogs pant to cool themselves down, but this method does not work for cats. Don’t be concerned if you dog seems to be panting a lot during the heat of the summer, it is natural.
  4. Dogs and Cats are both capable of sweating, but it is not their primary method of cooling themselves down. Unlike humans who sweat to cool themselves off, when a pet sweats it is in spots where there is no fur and is suited more to keep the area moist such the ears, nose and paws.
  5. Cats create a sweat-like process when they groom themselves by adding their saliva to their skin and this will cool them off.
  6. Pet fur acts as insulation for both dogs and cats and slows down the heat absorption process. According to the SPCA, “Robbing your dog or cat of this natural cooling system can lead to discomfort, overheating and other serious dangers like sunburn or skin cancer.” It is not recommended that you shave your pet as a method of trying to keep them cool. If your pup needs a shave, it is best to do it during the spring and fall when temperatures are more regulated.
  7. Convection is another effective way to cool your pet down such as a dip in the pool or when they jump in the lake. This would be effective for a cat too, but we are not so sure you will be as close after. Hot dogs are best treated by submerging them in cool but not ice-cold water, trying to change their body temperature too quickly could do more harm than good.
  8. Pets can get heatstroke if exposed to extreme heat on hot summer days or in a hot car, their natural ability to cool themselves down will not work if they do not have access to way to transfer the heat. NEVER, EVER leave a pet in a car during warm, cold or hot days, ok, NEVER, EVER leave your pet in a parked car at any time. The temperature inside the car can change based on the temperature and the sun’s rays, so it is not worth taking a chance.
  9. Clean, cool drinking water is important to maintaining a pet’s temperature and keeping them hydrated gives them the energy they need. Warm water is still effective if that is all that is available, but ice-cold water is not the best option because is makes the mouth very cold, telling the body that there is a freeze situation happening and your pet’s energy is driven to solving that issue. While ice-water in most cases won’t hurt your dog, it won’t help them either and if they are over-heated, making their body work harder is not the best choice.
  10. Dogs with light coats of fur or hair don’t have the same protection against cold as dogs with thick layers of fur. Jackets, sweaters and body coverings are effective for many breeds to keep their temperature’s regulated.

Cats don’t just lounge because they are lazy, it is their main defense for keeping their body temp regulated!

Today’s pet cats spend most of their time indoors, which is their best way of staying cool in the summer and warm in the winter. A lounging cat is working hard to regulate their temperature by not exerting any energy!

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Let’s focus first on keeping your pets warm on cool nights:

This stylish Heated Pet Mat is great for dogs and cats and can be placed on the floor, in a pet bed or on the bed to add the perfect amount of extra heat. Your pet can curl up easily to grab a little extra warmth.

Cats naturally love to curl up and this Contemporary Heated Cat Bed is a great place for kitty naps. Plug in for chilly days and cold nights. This is also a great choice for small pups who love to curl up for naps or the night.

It is important to find a cold weather jacket that will not overheat your pup, while protecting them during a cold weather hike, walk or fun in the snow. We are fans of Kurgo dog products. They are well designed, made with quality materials and produced in the USA. For more great pet jackets, slickers and vests, check out our Pinterest board.

Dogs are more often seen sporting a jacket, vest or sweater than cats, but adding a little extra warmth if you short haired cat is traveling on a cool winter’s day or spending any time outdoors with the family. It is not necessary indoors, but they will look awfully sporty in this pet jacket sized for small dogs and cats.

And cool on hot days!

Helping pets cool off naturally is just as important as giving them a warm place to curl up when it is cold. This simple cooling mat allows you pet to sprawl out and cool off when they are feeling a bit warm.

Days at the beach, on long hikes or time outdoors in hot locals may require a little help keeping your dog’s temperature in the normal range. This easy wrap around pet cooling jacket is a great choice.

We are in love with the Pupflask the is ideal for hikes in the dessert, trips in the car or a day at the park. Fill with cool, not ice water and make sure you pup has a drink each time you stop for one.

We are also fans of this thermal water bottle and bowl that makes a drink of water for your pet a breeze. Available in great colors and just the right size to drop into your backpack, hang on your wrist or to fill one of the drink holders in the car. Fill with cool but not ice water.

If there is no room in your backpack to carry water, snacks and a towel to dry off, consider a pet sized backpack. Small totes on both sides that are ideal for holding the essentials. For more pet saddlebag and backpack choices.

Pets were born to know how to regulate their temperatures in most normal weather settings, but when they are exposed to extremely hot days, extensive exercise or cold weather, they might need a little intervention. It is important to think about when you groom your pup to ensure that you don’t remove their ability to regulate their temperature on their own as much as possible.

Before heading out on very warm day or spending time outside in the cold with your pet, you want to make sure you are both well prepared. Oh and don’t forget dog shoes if you will be hiking on hot or snow covered cold surfaces.

Before heading out for the day or vacation, think about the trails and roads you will travel. Along with great jackets, Kurgo also makes dog boots for hiking, snow and rough terrain, which will protect your dog’s paws from the elements.

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